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Magpul has actually been behind some of the most reliable firearm commodities in the human being for over a decade. Their polymer PMAG magazines have actually seen use and also abuse in almost every atmosphere on Earth, and also will continue to carry out so for a while provided the green light indigenous Uncle Sam and also militaries throughout the globe.

A inquiry we frequently get is “what, exactly, room the differences in between Gen 2 and Gen 3 PMAGS?” well you’re in lucky — fine spell the end the differences below so you can get the appropriate PMAG for her application.

Magpul PMAG M2 vs M3

The Gen M3 PMAGs room designed to more reliably work with the SCAR platform

One minor side effect of this brand-new lip is Gen 3s may make because that slightly tighter fit in newspaper pouches and tactical vests. There’s no a ton that chatter online on the matter, yet we can see it gift a minor concern if you have super chop mag pouches.

If friend own among the noted weapons and have gone far from PMAGs due to feed worries or over-insertion, then upgrading to the Gen 3 is well worth it for those factors alone.

There are some other added features that make the Gen 3 a bit of an update over the Gen 2. From a visual standpoint, the Gen 3s introduced a paint pen dot matrix on the bottom for this reason you deserve to stencil in whatever you like: numbering them in case you run right into a failure on a specific magazine, making it basic to isolation the offending magazine until you acquire the possibility to occupational on it. 

Also, your initials will help ensure randos don’t walk off v them and also denoting the caliber provided for the certain magazine to aid prevent cross-loading issues.

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Lastly, the Gen 3s come v a high-impact dust cover that helps to store the magazine clean as soon as not in active use. Not countless magazines come through dust consist of anymore, and we evaluate Magpul including this extremely sensible feature.

In short, the Gen 3 PMAGs perform represent some major, and a couple of minor, improvements over the second generation.