Singapore has all theleading brands of aircon. This brands have actually various lines and also models withdifferent features. Aircon modes are cool mode, dried mode and fan mode. Eachmode has actually pros, cons and also usefulness. In this article, we are explaining indetail the advantages, disadvantages and how each mode function.

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#1 - Cool mode

This is the standardmode that the aircon unit. An air conditioning unit runs in a cool mode whenoperated properly. Proper operation way that as soon as the cooling component of anaircon is activated, the cools the air effectively.

How go the cool setting operate

When it is turned on,the compressor cools the air by taking heat out and pushing cold air inside thehouse. The alternatives in the remote and also the unit, helps the user to rise ordecrease wait temperature easily. 

What is the advantage of the cool mode?

The major benefit that cool setting is to cool the room. For the cool setting tobe effective, the unit need to be preserved in wonderful condition.

#2 - dry mode

It is responsible forgetting rid of excess humidity in the room. The does not cool the air. It is locatedin former of the air air conditioning unit or on the far control. You can justpress the button made because that this mode or select from the options available in themenu in the remote control. 

How does the Dry setting operate?

When activated, it suckswater native the air. The gathered water is then emptied through a drain pipe.For water to it is in prevented from being accumulated in the air air conditioning unit,the drainpipe pipe need to be maintained in a great condition to do the unit towork flawlessly.

What is the advantage of the dried Mode?

It saves you money. Noneed to acquisition a various dehumidifier, because dry mode gives a relativehumidity level in the room.

#3 - The pan Mode

It circulates new airin the room and not responsible for cooling the air that enters the room.

How go the fan setting operate?

Fan indigenous the airconditioning starts to run without beginning the compressor.

What is the advantage of the pan Mode?

During cool weather, tosave on power you could want to have fan instead of aircon, you canswitch ~ above this mode. This can also let you conserve on gaining yourself anotherfan.


Other attributes from the remote controller

#Operation modeindicator – indicates selected procedure mode

#Sub setting – Indicatesthe selected air rate.

#Set temperature button– to adjust the room temperature.

#Time indicator – Forindication that the time during timer operation and indicates present time duringnormal operation

#Sleep button – Changesto sleep operation.

#Auto start switch -Selects time starting.

#Auto stop switch -Selects timed stopping.

#Clock switch – Setsclock.

#Reset button – lets thecomputer come reset.

#Time collection button – Forsetting existing time and auto start or auto stop.

#Swing switch – Adjuststhe air swing direction.

#Fan speed switch – Setsair rate.

#Operation mode selectbutton – transforms the mix native auto → cool → dry → heat → fan.

#Vane control button –Changes the flap mode.

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#On/off switch – Startsoperation when pressed, and also stops operation as soon as repressed.