In this review, ok be acquisition a look in ~ the Callaway epic Flash sub Zero driver.

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The sub Zero driver different was very first introduced a couple seasons ago, and it’s Callaway’s effort to accommodate far better players who need much less spin.

It has all the functions of the original Epic Flash, except it has a smaller footprint and has a much more forward CG for lower spin.

So, just how does the epos Flash below Zero carry out in comparison to the epic Flash? Is it worth putting in the bag? What room its strengths and also weaknesses?

Read ~ above to find out what you require to understand to make an notified purchase.

What are the evaluate like?

The epic Flash sub Zero driver is touted together being “the just driver vested 20 out of 20 stars in the 2019 Golf Digest warm List”.

It has actually been received very well by consumers and critics — practically as well together the epic Flash.

It got an average rating the 4.7/5 (91% recommended) on the official Callaway website, i beg your pardon is quite exceptional considering the truth that the low spin doesn’t suit everyone.

It has the same rating ~ above Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, 4.8/5 on worldwide Golf, and 4.6/5 on Amazon. Almost all of the well-known movie critics have provided the epic Flash a 5/5 star rating.

What civilization Like

manages lower spin while keeping almost every one of the forgiveness the the epos Flashgreat power, distance and also accuracyamazing feelif your swing is sound, this thing is a pure pleasure to hit

What civilization Don’t Like

can experience bad results without the right configurationsome don’t choose the soundexpensive
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What are the features?

The core functions of the epos Flash sub Zero are greatly the very same as the epos Flash, which ns talk around in my testimonial here.

It’s precious noting the the driver to be awarded the ideal driver because that swing speeds 106 mph and above by a GolfWRX skilled panel comprising 13 top-ranked society fitters from about the USA.

To summary the features:

Flash confront Technology

Callaway’s engineers used a supercomputer and maker learning to construct the speed Face.

This challenge has a style meant come maximize ball speeds in the facility of the face, unlike anything it is been viewed before.

Jailbreak Technology

Lightweight yet solid titanium bars that affix the crown come the single of the society transfer affect loads to the face, increasing ball speeds. This an innovation was an initial seen in the Rogue driver.

T2C Triaxial Carbon Fabric

The T2C carbon cloth is a new addition. It has a chop weave, permitting for some weight savings.

In the epos Flash sub Zero, these load savings are used to rise the MOI for an ext forgiveness on mis-hits.

As stated at the start of the review, the main distinction in the epos Flash sub Zero lies in the head shape and CG.

In particular, the head is much less elongated, and the driver produces a more powerful ball trip with much less spin. This is right for better players with much faster swing speeds.

In addition, the sliding load on the single is 12g rather of 16g, and also the premium stock shaft alternatives are different.

Stock Info

The epic Flash sub Zero driver is easily accessible in and also 10.5° conventional lofts, lower, you’ll notice, 보다 the loft alternatives of the various other Epic flash variants.

The share shafts space the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue and Project X EvenFlow Green in graphite. The stock grip is the Golf proud Align new Decade.

There are numerous premium shaft and grip choices to pick from. If you interested, complete information on the driver, shafts, grips and also their specs can be discovered on the CGPO website.

Below space the specs the the epic Flash sub Zero driver. Click or zoom come enlarge.


How walk the driver perform?


Distance with the epic Flash below Zero deserve to be fantastic or not so an excellent depending top top the kind of golfer friend are.

If you’re someone with a high swing speed who tends to struggle with too much spin and height on your shots, chances are you’re going to realize substantial distance profit over your previous driver.

This is because the weighting and also shape that the head is a tiny different than the epic Flash, creating lower spin and a more powerful flight.

If you’re a slow swinger, however, you might not have an excellent results v the epic Flash sub Zero. It all depends.

As for me, my swing rate is what in the mid-high range, and also I to be hitting the below Zero as much if no a few yards farther 보다 the epos Flash.

This is in line through what I meant coming right into it, and also overall, I’m really pleased through the street results.


Past publication of the below Zero driver in the Rogue and also Epic family members sacrificed forgiveness a great amount. This is a normal repercussion of lower spin and far better feel.

I’m pleasantly surprised come say that the epos Flash sub Zero driver sacrifices very small in the forgiveness department, in spite of its low-spin traits.

Compared come mis-hits with the epic Flash, my sphere speeds throughout the challenge were practically the same.

With that said, since of the weighting difference, ns did an alert that mis-hits to be a little an ext amplified in regards to the shape and ball flight. Exceptional marks overall.


As you can expect, the epic Flash below Zero driver is much more workable 보다 the epos Flash. It’s easier to form shots, fight fades and draws, or flight it low, and the feel enables for much more touch and also finesse. This is perfect for far better players.

Playability is great, and also with the best swing and ball contact, you’ll acquire a beautiful penetrating ball trip that carries and also rolls a lengthy way.

What around look, sound & feel?

The Look

I’ll start off through the head shape. It’s less elongated than the epos Flash from back to front, and also at address, that even appears to it is in a touch shorter from top to bottom.

The alignment aid and white stripe are the same, but one thing I’ve i found it is the the sweet spot shows up even much more biased towards the heel than v the epic Flash. I don’t understand if this is yes, really the case, yet I imagine that better players would prefer this setup.

Aside from these differences, the epos Flash sub Zero look at the same as the epos Flash. The hosel is adjustable, uneven in the epos Flash Star.

The sole style is the same, save the ethereal “Sub Zero” logo under the key Epic speed logo and also the new weight cavity come the right of the logo.

The included headcover is the same, which ns don’t mind. Everything gels unique from the head to the grip.

The Sound & Feel

I found the sound of the epos Flash below Zero driver to be around the same as the epic Flash — not hollow, tinny, mute or wooden. It’s a really balanced sound.

When it pertains to feel, it does feeling a little much more solid 보다 the epos Flash, which is to be expected. Hitting the sweet spot of this driver is truly one of the ideal feelings in golf.

In regards to mis-hit feedback, it’s a little more distinct than the epic Flash, but at the exact same time, mis-hits feel a touch harsher. In any event, it’s straightforward to isolate your misses and also make the necessary adjustments.

Where have to I buy this driver online?

The epic Flash below Zero driver is now an ext than a pair seasons old, for this reason you have the right to no much longer order it tradition from the official Callaway website.

The ideal you deserve to do currently is look in ~ Callaway Golf Pre-Owned (great discount prices) or pick up a steeply discounted set (new or used) ~ above eBay.

For example, CGPO has a fairly huge selection the used vehicle drivers with a 12-month warranty, 90-day buy-back policy, and headcover included.

You deserve to optionally look at what’s available on global Golf.


The epos Flash sub Zero driver packs every one of the features and technologies that make the epic Flash great, but with a slightly more compact shape and altered weighting the promote reduced spin and a stronger sphere flight.

Amazing distance, surprisingly an excellent forgiveness, a modern look, comfortable feel, and also workability room all there.

If you’re a far better player and/or have actually a much faster swing speed and also traditionally struggle to obtain a lower ball trip with much less spin, the epic Flash sub Zero driver is a must-try.

Even mid or high handicappers can benefit greatly native this driver if they want to challenge themselves. Offer it a couple of hits and also see how it goes.

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Are girlfriend interested in the epos Flash sub Zero driver? have you tried the yet? What have actually your results been? allow us know in the comment below.