We"re life in an age of bacon mania. That no wonder then that worshippers the this divine pork acquire awfully safety over your prized meat. Canadian bacon?! What the heck is that? With Canadian bacon being served cold, thick cut, and suspiciously ham-like, how can it also use the same word together the crispy, smoked goodness that specifies its true form? To compare such a sublime substance through what looks favor a slab the cool ham is blasphemy, right?

Well, possibly not. Here"s the genuine difference in between Canadian bacon vs bacon. 

Canadian Bacon vs Bacon

Andrew Zaky

The standard American bacon is heavily salted, cured, and also then traditionally smoked. It"s fried up and stacked in liberal proportions on pancakes, heart-stopping burgers, and also sometimes also made right into bowls…seriously.

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Canadian bacon is a leaner and also meatier reduced than its decadent cousin, but is pretty similar in preparation except that the not generally smoked and is frequently pre-cooked prior to serving. This stuff is best served ~ above something prefer a standard Eggs Benedict.

While countless assume the bacon is just the American style, which is cut from the belly or side of the pig, the technical meaning also has British and Canadian-style cuts along the loin or back.

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But if bacon deserve to mean so many things, what really makes bacon what that is? The answer deserve to only be that it’s thinly reduced pork that"s cured in a details way. After all, friend can even get jowl bacon native the cheek that the pig or cottage bacon indigenous the shoulder. 

don’t shoot the messenger here, however this way that both Canadian and also American bacon room equal claimants come the hallowed location of bacon. Does that average American-style bacon needs a additional qualification? Luckily, us Brits are method ahead and have currently come up v a name—it’s referred to as streaky bacon.

Going to Toronto and asking for Canadian bacon would get you i do not have anything either. They speak to it "Back Bacon" and it"s not always served cold. In fact, in the humble brothers Isles we also virtually always eat earlier bacon. 

Which Is Healthier?

Kristine Mahan

You recognize what the difference is now, however can anything more persuade friend to embrace the Canadian cut of bacon? The calorie difference may to convince you to provide it a go.

American-style (streaky) bacon comes in between 120-150 calories and also 10-12 grams of fat uncooked, when the Canadian layout is a mere 30 calorie with much less than 1 gram that fat! that’s a pretty crazy difference.

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Is it enough though to to convince the legions of the streaky bacon devotees? I would certainly guess not. Us hardly eat it come feel prefer angels and if you’re going to walk the enter this dark, crackly cult then you might too go all the method and smother it in very delicious fat.

On a little side note from the Brit however, words "bacon" comes from the Old germanic word baka, i beg your pardon actually method "back." So also if the Brits and the Canadians don’t victory on the taste factor, we might just have actually the claim of the initial bacon cut, therefore there!