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Chances room you"ve heard the eating particular things may assist you produce much more milk throughout breastfeeding. But do they actually work?

Make sure your position and also latch are good, sneak in a couple of pumping sessions, and over all, nurse often and don’t pay attention to the clock. Once it concerns increasing your chest milk supply, you’ve likely heard these valuable tips before. Yet if you’re trying lock all and still issue that friend aren’t making enough milk, deserve to eating specific foods provide you one extra boost?

Many cultures have lengthy relied on foods and also herbs to promote anample milk supply. And also chances are, you’ve heard another breastfeeding mom talk about how her own supply shot increase after she began eating oatmeal because that breakfast or guzzling fenugreek tea. There’s no shortage the anecdotal evidence on galactagogues — foods items thought come encourage chest milk production. Yet the truth is, there’s not much high-quality study out there to speak for certain whether eat the right stuff can really rise milk supply.

All about Breastfeeding

That said, there"s no harm in providing them a shot with her doctor"s approval. Here’s a look at at five foods assumed to assist boost breast milk production — and also the science behind those claims.


These fragrant seeds are often touted together potent galactagogues. Lock contain estrogen-like compounds that space thought to boost milk flow, and one little study did uncover that women who drank fenugreek tea 3 times a day developed significantly more milk compared to those who didn’t. But there"s no widespread evidence to suggest that fenugreek works to boost breast milk supply, so part pediatricians don"t recommend fenugreek. Another thing to store in mind? some moms who use fenugreek report that it seems to do their babies gassier. Fenugreek can likewise exacerbate asthma, so must be used with fist in asthmatics.

2. Oatmeal or oat milk

Whether in the type of a key of old-fashioned oatmeal, a trendy oat milk latte or an oat-filled lactation cookie, breastfeeding moms have long relied top top oats to help them make much more milk. Why? The whole grain is a source of stole (half a cup of dried oats has close to 2 mg that iron, or roughly 20 percent that what breastfeeding moms require per day), and also low levels of the mineral are known to inhibit milk supply. There aren’t any type of studies that display eating oats in reality helps milk production, though.

3. Fennel seeds

The crunchy, licorice-flavored seeds are one more traditional milk booster, and they’re generally found in lactation cookies and also teas. Choose fenugreek, fennel seed contain estrogen-like compound that are thought to enhance milk supply. And indeed, a grasp of tiny studies have tied fennel seed consumption to higher milk volume and also fat content, as well as infant load gain. However large-scale research approximately their an alleged breastfeeding benefitsis lacking.

4. Lean meat and also poultry

Lean beef, pork, lamb and also poultry are top sources the iron. So if getting enough of the mineral disclosure a more robust supply, filling up on this foods might be helpful. But again, there’s no direct evidence or research tying meat intake to raised milk production.


The one research looking at the link in between garlic and milk supply discovered that supplementing through the aromatic ingredient didn’t make a difference. Yet plenty of moms swear that it help their production — and also a clove or two makes almost any savory food more delicious (and healthy). Therefore why not shot it?

All in all, there’s not a many of proof to assistance the idea the you have the right to increase her milk it is provided by eat the best foods. But a handful of studies imply that details ingredients can be valuable — and plenty that breastfeeding moms believe they make a difference. For this reason if girlfriend feel favor your milk production can use a tiny help, feel cost-free to shot adding a few galactagogues to her menu.

But if you"re struggling through milk supply, be sure to lug up your concerns with your doctor andlactation consultant if you have actually one so they deserve to evaluate you and your infant for any other underlying worries that might be at play. They can help you accurately decide what might be affecting your milk manufacturing and, if necessary, offer various other solutions to assist ensure your tiny one gets all the nutrition she needs.

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