can we probably see golden Globe-winning gibbs Gael García Bernal reunite through friend Diego Luna in his upcoming series Andor? In a current interview with The Independent, Bernal claimed he would certainly be interested in joining Luna in a galaxy far, much away.

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While promoting his upcoming film Old, indigenous writer/director M. Night Shyamalan, Bernal expressed attention in showing up alongside Luna in the upcoming Disney+ collection Andor, a prequel come 2016’s Rogue One: A Star wars Story.

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“If Cassian Andor ever before needs to discover his shed brother or something, then probably they can speak to me,” he said to The Independent. “Or his antagonist. That would certainly be cool actually! In a galaxy much away! ns mean, i am curious. If miscellaneous comes follow me that is interesting like that… ns would take into consideration it, ns guess.”

The long-time friends and production partners have starred in a variety of films together, including the acclaimed Y Tu Mamá También and Rudo y Cursi, and also co-founded the production firm La Corriente del Golfo with each other in 2018. Both have risen come stardom both in America and also their home nation of Mexico, v Luna starring in Rogue One and Narcos: Mexico, and Bernal to win a gold Globe because that his role in Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle.

But, while Luna has actually starring roles in Rogue One and also now Andor, Bernal has never showed up in a Star Wars property. The idea of the joining his friend and co-star in Andor is all just talk, that course, however we’d love to watch the duo reunite somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.

Not much is known around Andor in ~ the moment, past a faint teaser and also a 2022 relax date, but Star wars fans room eager to see an ext of Cassian Andor ~ his unfortunate finishing in Rogue One. In the meantime, Luna lends his voice to Netflix’s Trollhunters: increase of the Titans, the end on July 21, and Bernal is collection to star in Old together Rufus Sewell and Thomasin McKenzie, premiering in theater on July 23.

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