Little People, big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff have been open about their plans for infant No. 3 after son Jackson and daughter Lilah. The greatest question top top fans’ minds proceeds to be: Is Tori pregnant? Keep reading to check out more.

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The TLC stars have actually not announced any type of baby news, yet they have actually talked about the possibility of having more kids. In March, Tori opened up around suffering a terrible miscarriage. 

“We were so excited as soon as we found out us were expecting baby No. 3, and we couldn’t wait to share. Us went in for our first ultrasound at 8 weeks and found out that we lost our sweet baby two weeks earlier,” the previous schoolteacher, 30, revealed via Instagram at the time. “I’ve honestly never ever felt loss choose I go in that moment. I’ve never felt for this reason sad, angry and scared in a single moment. I had actually no symptoms of losing out sweet point of view baby and also nothing might have ready me for hearing ours sweet infant was gone.”

Through their heartbreak, Tori noted Zach, 31, had been her “unwavering rock” and had “been by my side v it all.”


The mommy of two reflected ~ above her 3rd pregnancy as their household went v another big change — relocating from their home in Portland come Washington. The reality TV pair “closed” on their brand-new house throughout state currently on the exact same day that would’ve to be Tori’s due date. 

“I will always wonder that you would have been,” review a quote reshared by Tori ~ above October 15, including her own caption, “We closed on our new house the day i was due with our angel baby. I think around him/her often and also pray the he or she is watching over united state by Jesus’ next .”

She continued, “Last Monday to be my due day with our infant that we lost. I periodically still nothing feel choose it to be real and also still obtain emotional about the entire experience. Thank you so lot to anyone has supported us and felt safe enough to share their stories with me.”

Although the pair may still be reeling ~ Tori’s miscarriage, they have since spoken about the possibility of having another baby. Keep scrolling to check out their quotes. 


Will Tori and also Zach Have more Kids?

“I think the we’re still confident that at some point we will obtain to have an additional baby,” Tori told Us Weekly in June. “And till then, we’re simply kind that happy whereby we are.”


Would Tori and Zach take on Children?

“I’ve always thought parents that have the love for fostering or for foster care, i respect and also adore them,” Zach told the outlet. “I think those parents are amazing. It’s no something we’ve necessarily speak about, yet those parents that carry out do that, i think it’s incredible.”


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How Many youngsters Do Tori and also Zach Want?

Funny enough, Tori claimed she believed “two kids” to be going to be she “max,” yet after having Jackson and Lilah, she’s adjusted her tune. “I can absolutely see us having actually more,” the photographer told People in April 2020. 

Will Zach and Tori continue to be on ‘LPBW’?

Although the pair moved further away indigenous Zach’s family farm, they’ve given no indication that they space planning to leaving their truth show. “Can’t wait come share all the madness with everyone!” Tori teased about the procedure of relocating in October, including that they room “still filming.”