man Lennon to be the one that instigated the breakup the the Beatles, Paul McCartney claims in an interview v the BBC that will certainly air later this month, after decades of speculation right into which member to be responsible because that the dissolution of among the most well-known musical action of every time.

Yoko Ono, man Lennon and Paul McCartney in ~ the premiere that the Beatles’ movie “Yellow Submarine” in ... <+> London in 1968.

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McCartney said he wished to proceed as a band with Lennon, George Harrison and also Ringo Starr when they damaged up in 1970, follow to the Guardian, which reviewed component of a brand-new episode the This social Life, a new BBC series.

McCartney claimed Lennon‘s decision come leave at some point led come the Beatles’ demise, saying Lennon to be “making a new life through Yoko,” and “was constantly looking to break loose,” confirming rumors that have actually swirled because that years.

While Lennon defined leaving the band together “thrilling” and also “rather like a divorce,” McCartney said, he and Starr and also Harrison to be left “to choose up the pieces.”

Calling the Beatles’ breakup “the most an overwhelming period of mine life,” McCartney says he struggled with being blamed for the band’s malfunction after part fans accused the of souring the members’ relationship by including lawyers in your disagreements.

By the time McCartney infamously sued the various other Beatles to protect against the band’s manager, Allen Klein, from regulating the group’s financial affairs, McCartney stated Lennon had already told the various other musicians he was leaving.

Crucial Quote

“I am no the person who instigated the split. Oh, no, no, no. Man walked right into a room one day and said, ‘I to be leaving the Beatles.’ Is that instigating the split, or not?” McCartney called interviewer john Wilson once asked around his solo career, according to the Guardian.


For decades, plenty of Beatles fans have actually blamed Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, for persuading the to leave the band and for producing a rift between Lennon and also McCartney. McCartney claimed he doesn’t organize Ono responsible, saying throughout the BBC Radio 4 interview he thought the two made “a good couple” and also that “there was substantial strength there.” Lennon “wanted to go in a bag and also lie in bed for a mainly in Amsterdam for peace . . . You can not argue with that,” McCartney said. Ono has talked out around the therapy she’s received, comparing it to being falsely accused the murder.“It feels prefer I was accused of miscellaneous that i didn’t do, which to be breaking increase The Beatles,” she told Interview in 2013. “It’s prefer you’re accused the murder and also you’re in prison and also you can’t obtain out."

Key Background

When The Beatles separation in 1970, they had been making music with each other for roughly a decade. Lennon, McCartney and also Harrison were still adolescents when they first met in Liverpool in the so late 1950s and began play together, and were joined by Starr a few years later when they were recording in ~ Abbey road Studios in London in 1962. They continue to be the bestselling tape in history, having actually sold 183 million units. Lennon to be shot dead through a nondescript gunman (to whom Lennon had provided his autograph earlier in the day) external of his brand-new York apartment building, the Dakota, in 1980. George Harrison passed away in 2001 from lung cancer.

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