There are two polite lawsuits hanging in the balance after a report YNW Melly confession surfaced. The rapper is currently in prison awaiting trial for a twin murder charge. And also now there are an ext issues ahead for him and his family. Here's what we know so far.

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According come Hot97, YNW Melly, whose genuine name is Jamell Maurice Demons, had reportedly confessed to the dual murder crimes in the fatality of his 2 friends, Christopher cutting board Jr., who went by the surname YNW Juvy, and Anthony Williams, who went through the name YNW Sakchaser. The Broward county court system, whereby YNW Melly is at this time awaiting trial, supposedly is reviewing an audio recording where he confessed come the killing of his friends. 

The 21-year-old indigenous Florida has been in jail for practically the previous two years, accused that murdering YNW Juvy and also YNW Sakchaser. Melly and also his fellow YNW member Cortlen Henry, recognized as YNW Bortlen, to be arrested in February 2019 and faced very first degree killing charges pertained to the deaths that their other crew members. At the time of their deaths, the two were accused that not just the twin murder but additionally of staging the step to make it appear to have been a an outcome of a drive-by shooting.


According to Complex, during a hearing in the situation which took place in respectable 2019, the Broward county Assistant State lawyer Kristine Bradley play a recording the she said was found on YNW Melly's phone. The state states it to be recorded precisely one month come the day after YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser were killed.

The Assistant State Attorney said that the recording to be "a video of Mr. Demons admitting to shooting two individuals in the head." 

In the video, YNW Melly supposedly said, “There’s no regret for the shit that ns did for that n**** to die,” and then, according to the description by Kristine Bradley, he put a pen he's holding come his head, together if it to be a gun, does the motion of pretending to pull the trigger, and then provides off a Bloods corridor sign. The then reportedly says, “Both the them never ever say when.”

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