Nearly 20 years after she death, william Shatner has mutual horrific details the the moment he uncovered his wife Nerine Kidd’s lifeless human body in their swimming pool, has exclusively learned.

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In the Star Trek actor’s upcoming memoir, Live lengthy and…What ns Learned follow me the Way, Shatner, 87, remembered his 3rd wife’s death as one of the shortest points in his life.

“My grief to be overwhelming,” Shatner wrote of the horrific 1999 incident. “This was the type of ache that renders you think one of two people I’m merely going to dice or I’m going to kill myself.”

The upper heart widower likewise shared v readers the moment he discovered Kidd’s body on your property.

“I found her in ours pool and also lifted her the end of the water,” Shatner explained. “The emergency responders rushed to the house, but there was nothing that might be done. I saw her human body lying there in the moonlight.”

Nerine passed away at the period of 40. She to be widely well-known as one alcoholic. Although her death was ruled accidental, one autopsy report issued in 1999 verified alcohol and also Valium contributed to she sudden drowning.

After Nerine’s passing, Shatner revealed to the National ENQUIRER in an exclude, interview that Kidd to be helpless.

“I fought and fought to save my wife from the serpent the alcoholism – however I failed,” Shatner said. “Nerine would hide party of alcohol all approximately the residence where i couldn’t find them, and even hide she vodka in water bottles.”

Shatner filed for divorce indigenous Nerine in October 1998, however ended up remaining with her. It wasn’t until days prior to Nerine’s fatality that the told her he was ready to leaving her because that good, that confessed come the ENQUIRER in 1999.

In his brand-new book, Shatner psychic himself together “completely lost” after the death of his 3rd wife.

“The drowning fatality of my wife Nerine haunts me,” that confessed in the book.

Two decades earlier Nerine’s brother, William, accused Shatner that exploiting Nerine’s death in bespeak to offer his previous memoirs.

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Two year after Nerine’s shocking death, Shatner remarried steed trainer Elizabeth Anderson.

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