The civilization was shocked to hear that the talented, Whitney Houston"s passing virtually a decade earlier when she was uncovered in the bathroom of her Beverly Hills hotel room.

The star was well-known for having actually one that the best voices and selection of hits including "How will certainly I Know", "I Will always Love You", and also "I have Nothing", to surname a few.

While she sudden passing stays a true tear in the industry"s heart, Whitney"s tradition lives ~ above in she music, and countless various other bodies the work, indigenous film, television, and also producing. Considering Whitney"s success, the singer left behind rather the fortune, leaving pan to wonder who specifically it walk to, and where they space today.

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Updated on may 30, 2021, through Michael Chaar: Whitney Houston"s sudden passing in 2012 left the civilization stunned. The singer was worth $20 million at the time of she death, however, the was later on revealed the she fan Sony music a lining $20 million in ~ the time. Once it came to her estate, Houston left that to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina. In 2015, Bobbi pass in a similar manner Whitney did. It was revealed Bobbi"s ex, Nick Gordon had involvement in she passing, i m sorry many believe to have been a reason for his drug overdose last year. Today, the estate now rests in the hands of Whitney"s mother, Cissy Houston, and also her 2 brothers, Gary and also Michael.

throughout an illustration of Oprah’s next Chapter, nearly a year after ~ Whitney’s passing, her brother Michael and mother Cissy showed up on the show to talk about her death.

In the interview, Whitney’s brother Michael confessed the he feels responsible because that his sister’s death. Through Whitney"s ex-husband Bobby Brown gift blamed for her drug addiction for years, the admitted to Oprah the he felt that he was the one to present her come the drugs the would cause her death.

“It simply happened,” stated Michael. “She was famous. We were travel on the road. We had actually money. We just got caught up. It’s to be a battle ever since.” the went on.

following Whitney"s death, she estate was estimated come be worth $20 million, return it can have increased since her death. In the terms stated in she will, the estate to be left to she daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Houston wrote it in 1993, climate made changes to it in April 2000. The estate wouldn’t become available until Bobbi Kristina turn 21. At that time, she obtained 10% of the estate, which was approximated to be about $2 million.

The will then proclaimed that she was supposed to get an ext of the estate in ~ the period of 25 and the rest at the age of 30. Whitney"s ex-husband, and also Bobbi"s dad, Bobby Brown was listed as a beneficiary in the will prior to their divorce in 2007.

Unfortunately, three years after her passing, Bobbi Kristina died in a similar means as she mother.

In January that 2015, Bobbi Kristina then 21, was uncovered unconscious in a tub at the age of 21, in the townhouse inherited from her mother. Bobby Brown stayed at his daughter’s bedside together she put in a medically induced coma.

6 months later, she happen away and also was buried next to Houston in a cemetery located in new Jersey.

at the time, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was under examination for bring about her death. Her household blames him for she death and ultimately winner a civil lawsuit that $36 million because that wrongful fatality in November of 2016.

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that lawsuit says that Gordon beat up Bobbi Kristina the work she was uncovered in the bath tub unresponsive, leading to what she grandmother explains as "global brain damage." The lawsuit also stated that he allegedly stole countless dollars indigenous her bank account if she was unresponsive.

As declared in Houston’s will, if Bobbi Kristina died bearing no children and unmarried prior to the age of 30, the estate would certainly go to she mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, and her 2 brothers, Gary and also Michael. Houston"s sister-in-law, play Houston, became the executor that the estate upon Cissy Houston’s request.

together all members of the household remain alive and well, they have taken ~ above the estate since. Critical year, Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina"s ex-boyfriend, was found dead due to an overdose, adding further heartbreak to this despairing situation.

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