Governor Whitmer Takes activity to continue Protecting Families, employees from the spread of COVID-19


May 22, 2020

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Governor Whitmer Takes activity to continue Protecting Families, workers from the spread out of COVID-19

LANSING, Mich. -- Today, governor Gretchen Whitmer signed executive Order 2020-100to extend’s safer at residence order until June 12, 2020. The governor’s order also protects gendergeek.orgders indigenous the spread out of COVID-19 by expanding the temporary closure of particular places that public house such as theaters, gyms, and casinos.

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The governor also signed executive Order 2020-99to extend the state of emergency declaration related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which to be upheld by judge Cynthia Stephens on might 21, 2020. Because COVID-19 was very first discovered in, branch Whitmer has taken swift action to safeguard families and also workers. The governor’s aggressive measures are working, yet there is still much more to be done. Because that instance, cases in some counties in Western and also are now doubling about every 10 days. To proceed to defend families from both the general public health and also economic results of the virus, and to reduced the opportunity of a second wave, the governor’s emergency declaration is prolonged until June 19, 2020.

“While the data shows that we are making progress, we space not out of the woods yet. If we’re going to reduced the possibility of a 2nd wave and continue to protect our neighbors and also loved ones from the spread of this virus, us must continue to carry out our component by continuing to be safer in ~ home,” said Governor Whitmer. “If we open up too soon, thousands more could die and also our hospitals will get overwhelmed. While we finally have much more protective equipment like masks, us can’t run the threat of running low again. We owe it to the real heroes on the front lines of this situation – our very first responders, health treatment workers, and vital workers placing their lives on the heat every work – to do what we can ourselves to stop the spread out of the virus.”

Executive stimulate 2020-100also clarifies and, together necessary, expand the duration of a number of previous executive, management orders design to safeguard gendergeek.orgders and also to provide them the support they need. The prolonged orders covering protections for workers who stay home and stay safe once they or their close contacts space sick,restoring water service to those whose water hasbeen close up door off, the affirmation that non-discrimination plans in the supplication of COVID-19 care,and more. Because that a complete list of extensions under executive Order 2020-100, click the attach to the order in ~ the bottom that the page.

“All of us understand the prestige of getting people ago to work and also the economic situation moving again,” said Governor Whitmer. “We’ve already loosened some constraints on construction, manufacturing, landscaping, retail, and also more. Yet the worst point we deserve to do is open up in a means that causes a 2nd wave of infections and also death, puts health care workers at more risk, and also wipes out all the development we've made.”

Governor Whitmer has taken a variety of actions come safely re-engage’s economy in a way that protects workers and their families. Most recently, she signed executive order 2020-96 to reopen retail businesses and also auto dealerships by meeting statewide on Tuesday, may 26, as component of her MI Safe begin plan. Efficient on Friday, might 29, the governor likewise lifted the requirement that health treatment providers hold-up some nonessential medical, dental, and veterinary actions statewide. And also the governor also authorized tiny gatherings the 10 world or less starting immediately, as long as participants exercise social distancing.

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Businesses that the governor has actually authorized come reopen must carry out COVID-19 training to employees that covers, at a minimum, workplace infection-control practices, the suitable use the PPE, measures workers need to take to inform the organization or operation of any type of symptoms of COVID-19 or a suspected or evidenced diagnosis the COVID-19, and how come report unsafe functioning conditions.