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Hallmark Channel has actually renewed the popular family-friendly drama series for a 9th season, collection star Erin Krakow announced Sunday night in a video clip message the played during the season 8 finale. The new season will premiere in 2022.

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“We room proud to have actually When call the Heartas a central part of our programming, it proceeds to captivate audiences through its amazing cast and also storylines of love, community, and also optimism and we space excited to continue the trip in Hope valley for season 9,” claimed Michelle Vicary, executive Vice president ofProgramming in ~ Crown Media household Networks in a statement. “The series has come to be appointment city hall on a very competitive Sunday night, it proceeds to climb in ratings year-after-year and also is one of the top-rated mirrors in cable!”

To celebrate the pickup, theWhen phone call the Heartcast expressed their gratitude and also enthusiasm for an additional year that adventures and romance in expect Valley.

"I"m feeling an extremely happyand very proud of what we have constructed overthepast yet many year it"sbeen," Krakow told ET"s Deidre Behar that the show"s renewal. "I love my project so much. I lovethepeople I occupational with. I love our sweet small town of expect Valley and also I just feel an extremely grateful every work that ns go come work. I feel very grateful the I acquire to execute this point that ns love with civilization I love. So, I"m an extremely happy."

"We are an extremely lucky. I"m certain I"ve claimed this before and also others have too,but we"re really lucky v our cast and also crew, yet specifically our cast,that us all get along really well and also we"re all good friends.I"m thrilled the we get to go back to hang the end again and work with each other for one more four-and-a-half or five months, and that we obtain to tell much more stories within hope Valley and explore what"s walk to happen next and also then acquire to share the withtheaudience and also havethem endure more," co-star kris McNally said."There"s no downside. It"s all great. It"s all an extremely happy."

"There arelots of story to tell," Kevin McGarry agreed. "Theway that we finished season 8 opens up because that multiple stories and takingtheshow inan exciting brand-new direction and yeah, I"m pumped."

As for the stories they"re looking front to telling in season 9, Krakow and also McNally claimed they"re intrigued through the prospect of where Elizabeth and also Lucas go v theirnew main romance.

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"I"m looking front to exploringtherelationshipfurther withLucas and also Elizabeth. Now that they"ve do a mutual decision to move forward together in a much more solid capacity, I"m looking front to seeing what happens there and what that looks like," mcnally said. "I have not speak to john yet around season 9, for this reason I have actually no idea what"s in store and additionally not certain what I must say or shouldn"t say. Yet think that it can be fun on a personal level for Lucas that has constantly done quite well financially torun into some trouble and see what it looks likewheneverything is bring away away."

"And there space a lot of fans who have actually requested that we acquire to watch Lucas a bit more dressed down. For this reason it might be an possibility for you to obtain out that those sophisticated duds because that a minute and wearsomething a little an ext casual," Krakow chimed in.

And what about Nathan"s journey now that the love triangle is over for now?

"I"m excited to see how this relationship"s walk to go forward because it"s simply something different. Us don"t seetheguy that obtained rejected or not preferred still inthelight,still there and still component of a community. That"s going to be fun to play since it"snew and also different," McGarry claimed of Elizabeth and also Nathan"sstatus relocating forward."It"s going come be amazing to relocate forward withtherelationship v Allie that Nathan has as a solitary dad. She"sbecoming a woman, which isgoing to it is in weird for him. She"ll be 14, 15. I mean, weird as in she"s no a little girl.I"m interested to see what they"re walking to perform with getting back to what crime he"s going come solve."

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