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– Wolverine fans to be rewarded with a large win Saturday afternoon at Michigan Stadium.

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Ronnie Bell had a 76-yard touchdown reception and returned a punt 31 yards before being hurt in Michigan’s 47-14 success over western Michigan ~ above Saturday.

The Wolverines (1-0) winner the video game easily, yet they may have actually lost their best player because that a while.

Bell to be hurt on a punting return in the 2nd quarter and also kept weight off his best leg as he was aided off the field by a teammate and staff member. The an elderly receiver was later carted off the field and also up the tunnel toward the team’s locker room to be more evaluated.


The Broncos (0-1) started solid — making that 7-all on La’Darius Jefferson’s 2-yard run and trailing by simply three points ~ the very first quarter — however could not sustain success on either next of the ball.

Michigan pulled away through 17 points in the 2nd quarter, scoring top top Bell’s catch, Hassan Haskins’ 22-yard run and Jake moody 20-yard field goal.

Blake Corum, who had 111 yards rushing, opened the scoring v a 14-yard reception and also his 30-yard touchdown run put the Wolverines front 40-7 beforehand in the last quarter.

Michigan’s Cade McNamara perfect 9 the 11 passes for 136 yards and also two touchdowns. Highly touted freshman J.J. McCarthy escaped a bag on a 69-yard touchdown pass to Daylen Baldwin, a graduate move from Jackson State, midway with the fourth.

Kaleb Eleby to be 20 of 37 for 191 through a 27-yard touchdown happen to Corey Crooms with 3:30 left in the rout.

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Western Michigan: The Mid-American Conference team should be able to gain part confidence native the means it started the game, but it deserve to learn a lot native the method the Wolverines were able to pull away.

Michigan: Bell’s injury silenced a group of 109,295 and also seemed come stunt what should have actually been a feel-good afternoon in ~ the huge House.

Up Next

Western Michigan: dram Illinois State, a regimen in the 2nd tier of division I university football known as the Championship Subdivision, ~ above Sept. 11 at home.

Michigan: hosts No. 20 Washington, i m sorry will likely be favored to success to offer Jim Harbaugh a opportunity to enhance on his 0-11 document as an underdog v the Wolverines on Sept. 11.

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