The initial Walker, Texas Ranger is fondly remembered for its vivid ensemble cast, and for its unique ways of obtaining to the bottom that the crime du jour. With huge names native iconic "80s movies prefer Chuck Norris and Clarence Gilyard filling out the cast, in addition to emerging talents prefer Nia Peeples, there"s a lot to like about this standard "90s show. The series was certainly successful, v 8 seasons and also TV movie to that is name. Its following has continued to be firm in the years due to the fact that its cancellation — so much so, in fact, that the show has merited a reboot. 

News of the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot has prompted part longtime pan to wonder what taken place to the cast of the initial series. Currently is as great of a time as any type of to take a look in ~ what happened to those memorable actors, therefore let"s take a moment to capture up v the cast of the original Walker, Texas Ranger.

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Chuck Norris played Cordell Walker, the titular Texas Ranger. A martial art expert, Norris is easily the most recognizable gibbs on the show. Already having earned praise for his job-related in action films such as The way of the Dragon, Lone wolf McQuade, and also Firewalker, lining Norris is a vast reason why Walker, Texas Ranger continues to be a cult standard to this day.

After wrapping up the critical season that Walker, Texas Ranger, chuck Norris continued his acting career, play lead duties in little movies such together The Bells that Innocence and also The Cutter. Norris also made an appearance together himself in the comedy film Dodgeball, to give Peter La Fleur the push he demands to win a dodgeball tournament. Although Norris appears to have wound under his exhilaration career because The Expendables 2 hit theatre in 2012, the has continued to do guest appearances top top TV mirrors such as The Goldbergs, Hawaii Five-0, and even TNA iMPACT! Wrestling, which is similar to the WWE. While chuck Norris" days together an activity lead it seems to be ~ to have gone by, his appearance alone is sufficient to spark nostalgia because that his work in the "80s and also "90s.

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Having previously portrayed Marcus Williams (AKA Sundown) in Top Gun, and Theo, a gangster, in Die Hard, Clarence Gilyard to be a natural choice to beat Texas Ranger James "Jimmy" Trivette. A near friend and the right-hand male of chuck Norris" Walker, Trivette uses a silver paper to Walker"s take-names, kick-*ss technique of crime fighting. He has actually a more analytical approach, selecting to conference as lot intel as feasible before going after ~ his mark. With just Chuck Norris exhilaration in an ext episodes that the series, Gilyard play a huge role in the success that Walker, Texas Ranger.

After Walker, Texas Ranger wrapped increase its last season, Gilyard took up the role of minister Bruce Barnes in the beforehand 2000s Left Behind movies, which attend to what wake up to those exit in the results of the Christian rapture. Later, Gilyard placed his exhilaration career top top hiatus in bespeak to be a teacher. While Gilyard ultimately returned to acting in 2012, it has actually mostly been in small films such as Little Monsters and also a Matter the Faith. However, he did reprise his duty as Theo from Die Hard in an breakthrough Auto components commercial. Back Gilyard"s days of acting in large name films and TV reflects seem to it is in in the past, his exhilaration career is quiet going solid — as is his work in education.

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When Walker, Texas Ranger was just getting started, Sheree J. Wilson had actually just come off of a five-year insignificant on the famous soap opera Dallas, on i beg your pardon she play April Ewing. She was nominated for a Soap Opera Digest award for outstanding Villainess for this fiendish part. Wilson jumped come the next of the angels as soon as she take it on the duty of Assistant D.A. Alex Cahill, being responsible for prosecuting all of the baddies Walker and also Trivette capture. Wilson"s Cahill likewise serves as the romantic attention for lining Norris" Walker, through the two at some point getting married.

Wilson stuck with Walker, Texas Ranger for all eight the its seasons. Ever before since, she has actually chosen to emphasis on film. Wilson landing starring roles in indie movies favor Killing Down and Anna"s Storm (Hell"s Rain in the UK). Wilson additionally played huge roles in Christmas Belle and also A Mermaid because that Christmas, through the previous currently accessible to currently on Hulu. Much more recently, she has appeared in Flip Turn, which speak the story the a young who complies with in the footsteps that his gold-medal winning grand as a swimmer. When Wilson hasn"t acted in a huge name TV show since Walker, Texas Ranger, it"s clean her exhilaration career isn"t slowing down anytime soon.


An up-and-coming actor in the late "80s and early "90s, James Wlcek previously hosted supporting roles in the twilight years of Ryan"s Hope, a famous soap opera i m sorry ran indigenous the mid "70s till 1989, as well as the much more popular and also longer-running As the human being Turns. Wlcek then obtained an opportunity to play supporting character Trent Malloy, a martial arts expert and former college student of Cordell Walker, top top Walker, Texas Ranger. While he"s not a police officer, Malloy"s an abilities help pedestrian and agency bring under a variety of criminals. Wlcek"s Malloy only appears in 13 episodes, however the personality was got well, which caused the production of the spin-off show, Sons that Thunder, with Wlcek in a certification role. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled ~ one season. Wlcek would certainly leave Walker, Texas Ranger soon thereafter. Wlcek hasn"t play a recurring character on a TV show due to the fact that he quit playing Trent Malloy, with most of Wlcek"s work coming in tiny TV movies, such together 2009"s Hydra and also 2011"s Love"s Christmas Journey.


Marco Sanchez began acting in the early on "90s, through his an initial big duty coming in the kind of the TV display SeaQuest 2032, whereby he played Sensor chief Miguel Oritz. This eventually helped the land the role of Carlos Sandoval on Walker, Texas Ranger, a close friend of Jimmy Wlcek"s Trent Malloy. Choose Wlcek, Sanchez played a minor character that graduated to a major role in the Sons the Thunder spin-off. However, that display was canceled after one season, and also Sanchez then departed Walker, Texas Ranger.

Since his time on Walker, Texas Ranger, Sanchez has actually made a variety of appearances on big TV shows, most notably ~ above NCIS, wherein he play Alejandro Rivera, one of the leader of the Reynosa Cartel. Sanchez has also made guest appearances and also held supporting duties on other series, consisting of Star Trek: Enterprise, Criminal Minds, Two and also a half Men, and Lucifer. You can capture Sanchez in minor functions in huge budget movies as well, including Star Trek: into Darkness and American Pie 2, wherein he to be uncredited. Return Sanchez hasn"t had actually a lot of of huge roles, he has controlled to carve out a good acting career by appearing on a solid range of well-beloved TV shows.

Having formerly played hutch Hutchinson top top As the people Turns, Walker, Texas Ranger was no Judson Mill"s very first rodeo. Mills came onto the series late, only showing up in the final two seasons. He play Texas Ranger Francis Gage, a rookie assigned under Cordell Walker"s wing. Mills brought a breath of fresh air to the show, and also lasted until the series" finale in 2001. After perfect this role, Mills go on to have a major part in The President"s Man: A heat in the Sand as Deke Slater, the assistant to Joshua McCord (played by none various other than chuck Norris). Mills would also go on to have actually guest functions on a number of mainstream TV collection in the 2000s and early 2010s, play Keith Wetzel on an illustration of The X-Files, Ty Radcliffe top top an episode of CSI Miami, and a small role as a coast sheriff top top Disney"s The lab Rats. Mills likewise had a role as Deputy Roe ~ above season one of HBO"s Westworld. His personality is unceremoniously killed via exploding cigar.

Despite having virtually two decades" precious of acting endure under she belt before Walker, Texas Ranger, Nia Peeples was best known for her music career. Her hit song "Trouble" and also "Street that Dreams" to be highly famous in the late "80s. Peeples assisted add brand-new dimension to the series as Texas Ranger Sydney Cooke, a rookie assigned under Cordell Walker. 

Upon the series" conclusion, Peeples went on to have actually a number of guest duties in early on 2000s reflects such as The Division, Andromeda, and Barbershop. Peeples additionally snagged a function as Karen Taylor on the famous soap opera The Young and the Restless. However, the part Peeples is ideal remembered because that is Pam Fields, the mom of Emily areas in Pretty small Liars. Pam sets increase a major source of dispute in the show by having Emily"s girlfriend Maya sent away on the pretext that marijuana possession, as she is unable to accept her daughter"s sexuality. This drives a wedge in between Emily and Pam, however the elder fields is may be to bridge the divide and also redeem herself once she defends Emily against another parent"s homophobia. Pretty small Liars was a vast success, and also reminded everyone why Nia Peeples is together a an excellent actress.

Already having enjoyed a lengthy acting career, Walker, Texas Ranger showed to be the perfect send off for Noble Willingham. He take it up the duty of previous Texas Ranger and bar owner CD Parker, who typically offers advice come Cordell Walker, and also occasionally assists him on cases. Before joining the series, Willingham had actually acted in successful films such as Paper Moon, where he play Mr. Robertson, Ace Ventura: pet Detective, where he play the owner that the Miami Dolphins, and also Good Morning, Vietnam, whereby he had actually Private Cronauer"s back as general Taylor. Willingham also made a number of guest appearances on well-known "80s shows such together Dallas, where he play a U.S. Senator, The A-Team, and also even an episode of Star Trek: The following Generation. Willingham played Parker through the second-to-last season the Walker in 2000, as soon as he dubbed it quits in bespeak to operation for the U.S. House of Representatives. Unfortunately, Walker, Texas Ranger verified to it is in the sunset that Willingham"s TV exhilaration career, as he died in 2004 that natural causes at the age of 72.

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Although Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman was virtually 60 once he joined the cast of Walker, Texas Ranger, he had only been exhilaration for about five years. In the time, Westerman accumulated an impressive resume, making appearances on early on "90s series such together MacGyver, L.A. Law, and Northern Exposure. In Walker, Texas Ranger, he took the role of Cordell Walker"s Uncle beam Firewalker, who Cordell was increased by and also frequently looks for advice native in previously seasons. Westerman did not remain with the present for long, just playing the role for the pilot season and also season one. 

After his time top top Walker, Texas Ranger came come end, Westerman take it on a wide variety of roles, including Albert Hosteen on The X-Files, George Littlefox on Dharma and also Greg, and also a guest duty as Ernie 2 Feathers on the late "90s show The Pretender. Westerman"s career started to wind down in the early on 2000s, his last role being Chief to run Bear in 2008"s Swing Vote. He passed away in 2007 at the period of 71, indigenous leukemia.