For an ext than 35 years, Vanna White has had the same task she’s had due to the fact that she to be 26 years old.

Today, the famous Wheel the Fortune letter-turner is now 60, however her energetic spirit and also youthful glow has actually fans wonder if she’s obtained plastic surgical procedure or just has great genes. Because that Vanna, she says it’s just great old diet and exercise!

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“I exercise on a regular basis,” she told The Huffington Post in 2012. “I love spinning! i spin 5 days a week, and I will run a couple days a week. It kind of depends. If i go come work, i don’t have actually time to spin, so I’ll execute a quick pair mile run. It provides you such energy!”

Before Wheel of Fortune, Vanna to be a struggling actress life in LA. It was then that she developed “binging” eating behavior that made her gain 25 pounds.

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“I would certainly eat uncontrollably,” she said. “Back then, ns was thinking, ‘I don’t have actually my parents to call me i can’t eat this, for this reason I can eat a whole pumpkin pie."”

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These days, however, she has actually a strict diet that consists of lots the fruits, vegetables, and also pasta. “I’ll eat only when I’m hungry,” she stated in _ Hollywood Diet & exercise Secrets_. “If people could find out that, they can stay as slim as they want.”


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“I no think I had a chance,” Vanna said around landing her place on Wheel the Fortune at the age of 26. “The girl i was competing versus was the complete opposite that me: poised and brunette and perfect. Ns felt like I was simply this girl from phibìc Myrtle Beach that was . . . I don’t know. I had no confidence.”

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Before Wheel, Vanna admitted to gift 25 pounds overweight, yet she drastically readjusted her diet once she realized she eating behavior were making she depressed.

"I stopped eating all of the negative foods," she said in Hollywood Diet & exercise Secrets. "I was eating more fruits and also vegetables and also getting into an ext balanced food groups. I lost the other 15 pounds by eat right and I began feeling good about myself.”

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“Maybe it to be a particular glow that made me stand apart indigenous the other 200 girls, trying out for Wheel that Fortune,” she said. “But, I believe that mine diet and exercise program had a good amount to execute with it."

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“What people don’t know about me is the I’m a pretty an excellent businesswoman,” Vanna said in 2013. “Yes, I carry out this small ol’ game show, yet I understand the present isn’t walk to last forever, so I’ve unable to do into various ventures."

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"Exercise is my main outlet; it kind of release things," she said in 2012. "Even if i can’t walk running, I can just take it a walk. I likewise love hiking, listening to reassuring music, meditating. Everyone deals with stress in various ways."

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“Age is just a number,” she told Closer. “It is really around how you feel.”

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She said she an initial realized she was famed when she experienced herself on the sheathe of Newsweek. "I looked at the cover and also went, "Wow, i think ns made it!"" she said in 2017.

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“If you ask Vanna what she does because that a living, she doesn’t say, ‘Well, I want to straight one day,’ ” host Pat Sajak said about her in 2013. “She says, ‘I touch letters and also they light up.’ We’re alike in that us don’t take it ourselves also seriously.”

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Fun Fact: In the 35 year she"s been on the show, she"s worn an ext than 6,500 dresses — with no repeats!

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When she daughter Gigi Santo Pietro relocated away to to visit college in 2015, Vanna dropped into a depression. “I’d walk to her room and into her closet to odor her clothes, lied on she bed and cry. I took the hard,” Vanna told Closer.

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"I’m certain I will one day, yet I’m enjoy it my task so much," she claimed in 2017. "I expect to continue doing it because that as long as ns can."

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