The actress and also Food Network star stated she felt pressured to shed weight from the moment she was a tiny girl.

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Valerie Bertinelli has actually spent practically all she life in the spotlight — and also she knows firsthand what it"s like to feeling pressured to lose weight.

Bertinelli came to be a working actor at period 14 and quickly learned the her figure mattered a lot of in Hollywood. Yet the Food Network star, 60, told world that hurtful comments from the adult in her life brought about her to battle with human body image issues ever because she was a tiny girl.

In the brand-new issue that People, Valerie Bertinelli recalled how hurtful comments from adults brought about her to battle with body picture issues.

"The very very first time I came to be really conscious of mine body, ns remember my 5th grade teacher patted me top top the belly and said, "You can want to save an eye on that,"" Bertinelli recalled. "How dare he? at that age we"re so complete of joy, and then to have actually someone slap you for nothing. For just standing there."

She stated she spent the year that adhered to obsessing about her weight.

"Now I deserve to be angry for that small girl," she said. "It feels prefer so much time wasted."

Bertinelli uncovered fame playing bubbly teens Barbara Cooper top top the sitcom "One Day in ~ a Time" however says people involved with the series pressured her to lose weight.CBS via Getty Images

Landing the duty of bubbly teenager Barbara Cooper on the sitcom "One Day at a Time" just made matters worse. "I look back at pictures and even in the first season, i felt huge next to (co-star) Mackenzie (Phillips). I wasn"t. I was 15 years old. But I to be made to feeling I can stand to lose a few, like, "Let"s view if we can obtain you right into a smaller size.""

From then on, Bertinelli "was always trying to be better," she said. "Thinner. Nicer. Prettier."

The former Jenny Craig spokeswoman, who says she spent two decades trying to shed the very same 20 pounds, isn"t as tough on herself this days. Earlier in January, she started a health journey on this day with wishes of finding a healthier mind-body connection in 2020.

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"I don"t sweet myself as lot anymore," claimed Bertinelli said People. "I"ll put on some jeans as soon as in a while come see exactly how they feel. Why carry out I have to know the number i am?"

The former "Hot in Cleveland" star is inspired by body-positive celebrities prefer pop singer Lizzo and model Ashley Graham. "It would have actually been nice come have had actually (role models) choose that when I was farming up to look increase to," she said. "It doesn"t freakin" matter what size they are. Lock glow from within. If who does speak something about their body, they deserve to say, "Screw you, I"m beautiful." I would certainly love to be able to say those words."


Bertinelli is grateful that gift honest around her battle with human body image worries has aided her attach on a depths level with fans. "So many human being have claimed "I feeling that method too,"" she shared.

"There are so plenty of kind world in the world, and also it"s nice to do a connection with them. If ns can help somebody be type to themselves, climate hopefully that will help me be sort to myself, too."

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