video game Of Thrones: go Tywin understand It to be Arya throughout Season 2? did Littlefinger? Arya ended up together Tywin Lannister"s cupbearer during Game of Thrones season 2, yet did he recognize her true identity and also did Littlefinger additionally realize?

game the thrones arya littlefinger
Arya disguised herself as a cupbearer come Tywin Lannister during Game the Thrones season 2, but did the or Littlefinger ever realize her true identity? Game that Thrones is HBO"s adaptation of George R.R. Martin"s fantasy book collection A tune Of Ice and Fire. End the food of that first few seasons Game that Thrones ended up being one of the greatest shows in the world, many thanks to its epic scale, a wide range of an excellent characters and shocking twists.

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Game that Thrones is remembered because that iconic sequences prefer the downright traumatizing Red Wedding or The battle Of The Basterds, but many would certainly agree the collection lost some of its edge when it began to overtake the resource material. Periods 7 and 8 proved an especially disappointing come some, with their shorten episode operation making the feel favor the show was much more concerned v wrapping increase then ending on a high note. Still, the importance of Game the Thrones on the tv landscape can"t be underestimated, and also the franchise is collection to proceed with forthcoming prequel House that The Dragon.

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Game of Thrones season 2 experienced Arya distinguishable on the run after escaping King"s Landing, complying with the windy execution of her father Ned. A series of occasions saw she in Harrenhal castle and also becoming cupbearer to Tywin Lannister himself, who is waging war against her brothers Robb and also others search to case the throne because that themselves. Tywin famously doesn"t suffer fools gladly and also grew an attachment to his unusually shining cupbearer.

game the thrones arya tywin
Tywin soon numbers out that she isn"t a commoner regardless of trying to disguise herself together one. Some fans have actually wondered if Tywin was ever before suspicious of her true identity and also realized she was a Stark, however this is unlikely. He never would have actually passed increase the chance to usage her as a hostage or bargaining chip against Robb had he realized who she yes, really was. That may have actually deduced this after she left Harrenhal, yet he never would have actually admitted this because it would have actually made that look bad.

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Petyr Baelish likewise visited Tywin during one Game of Thrones season 2 episode, through Arya doing her finest to disguise her confront while serving him. Littlefinger actors some suspiciously glances her way during this scene, saying he may have actually recognized her. That said, that never gave away her identity and also this plot point was never lugged up again. Littlefinger gibbs Aidan Gillen later revealed come EW the Baelish did identify her, but stayed quiet for his very own reasons. Since Littlefinger is a famous schemer, he probably felt it to be to his own advantage to keep that amazing piece of info to himself till it came to be useful.