An cotton source provided this picture of president Donald trumped wearing a mask during his tourism of the Ford Rawsonville components Plant the is production ventilators, masks and also other medical supplies in Ypsilanti, Michigan on may 21, 2020.

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President Donald Trump has a confront covering with the presidential seal on it, but he refuse to wear the Thursday on the public part of his tourism of a Ford tree in Michigan in spite of factory policy.

The president was offered a mask by Ford. He to be photographed put on a mask at the plant, and a source familiar v the matter confirmed the authenticity of the photo.

"I wore one in this ago area, however I didn"t want to offer the press the satisfied of seeing it," Trump called reporters throughout an appearance in ~ a Ford tree in Ypsilanti the is do ventilators to combat the coronavirus.

He then displayed the black face covering, which has the presidential seal in the corner. "I think ns look better in the mask," trumped said before offering a various explanation for why the wasn"t put on it. "I"m make a speech, so i won"t have it on now," the said.


He then claimed he didn"t require a mask due to the fact that he"d to be tested earlier in the day, together were the human being he was meeting with.

In a statement, the company said executive, management Chairman invoice Ford had actually "encouraged" Trump come wear a mask when he arrived. "He wore a mask during a private viewing of three Ford GTs from end the years. The president later on removed the mask because that the remainder of the visit," the explain said.

Ford made the White House aware of its plan ahead the Trump"s visit that "everyone put on PPE to protect against the spread out of COVID-19" within the plant, however it also made it clean that company officials wouldn"t an obstacle the president. "We have actually shared our policies and also recommendations. The White House has actually its own safety and testing plans in place and also will make its own determination," the firm said in a explain this week.

State Attorney basic Dana Nessel, a Democrat, sent an open up letter Wednesday urging Trump come wear a mask in ~ the plant, saying the need "is not just the policy of Ford."

"By virtue the the governor"s executive, management orders" the "is right now the law of this State," Nessel said.

Nessel suggested that Trump has actually "a social and also moral responsibility" to take reasonable precautions against spreading the virus.

"The chairman is prefer a petulant boy who refuses to follow the rules," she stated on CNN ~ Trump"s visit.

Trump so late Thursday criticized Nessel in 2 tweets calling she the "Wacky perform Nothing Attorney general of Michigan" and saying she "viciously threatening Ford Motor firm for the truth that ns inspected a Ventilator plant without a mask" and detailed he go wear a mask.

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House speak Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called reporters previously in the work she believed it was necessary for the president and also the vice president to set an excellent examples because that the rest of the nation by complying with the Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention"s recommendation that american wear face coverings in public. Both have been criticize for not wearing masks during appearances over the previous month.

"I would hope the the president and the evil president would certainly wear a mask. Castle don"t wear a mask, why not? Other human being should, for this reason they should set an example," Pelosi said. "They have actually doctors approximately them all the time to carry out to their miscellaneous needs. Other civilization don"t have that."

Trump, asked even if it is he to be concerned about not setup a an excellent example, said, "I think the sets an example both ways."