WASHINGTON — chairman Trump provided extraordinarily harsh rhetoric come renew his contact for stronger immigration laws Wednesday, phone call undocumented immigrant "animals" and venting disappointed at mexico officials that he said "do nothing" to assist the unified States.

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“We have world coming into the country or trying to come in, we"re avoiding a the majority of them, yet we"re taking world out of the country. Girlfriend wouldn"t believe how negative these people are," trump said. 

"These aren"t people. These are animals."

Trump"s comments come in a freewheeling, hour-long White house meeting with local California leader opposed come so-called "sanctuary city" policies. "California"s law provides safe harbor to several of the many vicious and violent criminal on Earth, choose MS-13 corridor members putting innocent men, women, and also children in ~ the mercy of this sadistic criminals," he said.

His comment about "animals" came after Fresno ar Sheriff Margaret Mims complained the state legislation forbids her from informing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement around undocumented immigrant in she jail — also if she doubt they"re part of a gang.

"There could be an MS-13 member I recognize about. If they nothing reach a details threshold, i cannot phone call ICE around it," she said.

Trump"s remarks to be reminiscent the his an initial press conference as a presidential candidate in 2015, when he claimed the United says had end up being a "dumping ground" for human being other countries didn"t want.

"When Mexico sends its people, they"re not sending their best," he claimed then. "They"re happen drugs. They"re bringing crime. They"re rapists. And some, ns assume, are an excellent people."

Trump has actually been an especially vocal in the opposite so-called "sanctuary city" policies, in which part jurisdictions have refused to totally cooperate with federal immigrant authorities. ~ above Wednesday, he emphasize California urban who perform cooperate, inviting mayors and also sheriffs opposed to the state"s predominant policy.

"Each the you has actually bravely resisted California"s deadly and also unconstitutional sanctuary state law," Trump said them.

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In various other comments, Trump:

► referred to as for Attorney general Jeff Sessions to inspection Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf for warning undocumented immigrants of one upcoming move by immigrant agents. "You talk around obstruction the justice, I would recommend the you look in ~ obstruction that justice for the mayor, Jeff," the chairman said.

► Expressed frustration at his southern neighbor for not doing much more to stop the circulation of refugees and also immigrants into the unified States. "Mexico does nothing for us, they perform nothing because that us. Mexico talks, yet they do nothing for us, specifically at the border," the said. "Certainly don’t assist us lot on trade."

► Blamed Democrats for a policy of separating children from your parents once undocumented families enter the joined States. 

"I understand what you"re going v with families is really tough," the told Homeland defense Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. "But those space the bad laws the Democrats provided us. We have to break increase families. The Democrats offered us the law. It"s a dreadful thing we have to break increase families."