By 1934 Mary ann MacLeod had come to be a glamorous brand-new Yorker. This photo, was tackled the actions of a long Island swim pool
Donald Trump's mother, Mary anne MacLeod, to be born and brought up on the Hebridean island of Lewis yet emigrated to new York come live a an extremely different life.

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Mary anne was one of tens of countless Scots who took trip to the US and also Canada in the early years that the critical century looking to escape economic hardship at home.

Six years later she to be married come successful home developer Frederick Trump, the boy of German migrants and one that the many eligible guys in brand-new York.

The 4th of their five children, Donald John, as he is described on the islands, is about to become US president.

His mom was born in 1912 in Tong, around three miles from Stornoway, the key town ~ above the isle that Lewis.

Genealogist invoice Lawson, who has actually traced the family members tree that Mary ann MacLeod ago to the at an early stage 19th Century, says her father Malcolm ran a article office and small shop in his later years.

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Donald Trump's mom Mary ann MacLeod, aged 14, sit on the windowsill that a home in the village of Tong

Economically, the household would have been slightly better off 보다 the typical in the township, that says.

However, life during and also after people War One, in which 1,000 islanders died, was very hard and many young civilization were leaving the west Isles.

Lewis had additionally suffered the Iolaire disaster in 1919 once 200 servicemen from the island had drowned at the mouth of Stornoway harbour, coming house for the first new year the peace.

Mr Lawson says: "Mary ann MacLeod was from a very big family, ripe siblings, and also the relocate at the time to be away indigenous the island.

"The relocate by Viscount Leverhulme come revive the island had gone bust and there was not much prospect because that young people.

Mr Lawson adds: "Nowadays, you can think of going come the mainland however in those job most civilization went come Canada. It was far easier to make a life in America and also many world had relatives there."

The genealogist states Mr Trump's mom was slightly different in that her sister Catherine, among eight members that the MacLeod family to have actually emigrated come America, had moved indigenous Canada to new York.

When Catherine returned to Lewis because that a visit in 1930, her 18-year-old sister Mary anne went v her come look for work.

It shows up that she uncovered work together a nanny v a wealthy family members in a big house in the suburbs of brand-new York yet lost the job as the us sank into depression ~ the wall Street Crash.

Mary Anne went back briefly to Scotland in 1934 however by then she had met Fred Trump and soon reverted to brand-new York for good.

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Donald trumped still has actually three cousins on Lewis, consisting of two who live in the genealogical home, which has actually been rebuilt since Mary anne MacLeod's time.

"They are an extremely nice, gentle people and also I'm sure they don't desire all the public that's around.

Mr MacIver says Mary anne MacLeod to be well-known and also much respected in the community and used to attend the church on her visits home.