A former autonomous senator that lost part of his leg during the Vietnam War tested President Trump
Donald TrumpTrump defends indicted GOP congressman residence to vote Thursday on hold Bannon in contempt Youngkin calls for investigation into Loudoun County institution Board between sexual assault allegations much more to acquire X-rays that his feet come prove that he had actually bone spurs during the draft.

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Amid a cultivation outcry end Trump"s recent strikes on the late Sen. John McCain

John Sidney McCainOur military shouldn"t be hosted hostage to "water politics" Meghan McCain blames "toxic" hostility because that "The View" leave Beware the tea party the the left much more (R-Ariz.), a Vietnam prisoner of war, previous Sen. Bob Kerrey (Neb.) stated Wednesday during CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that “you don’t grow out the bone spurs.”


“I contact on the president, obtain your feet X-rayed. Let’s see those X-rays. I want to see,” claimed Kerrey, a 1992 presidential candidate that retired native the Senate in 2000. 

“While john McCain was flying combat to work in Vietnam, you were, i think, falsifying that you had bone spur in order not to go to Vietnam,” Kerrey said. “Now, I understand lots of world who avoided the draft, however this isn’t what he is saying. He said ‘I physically can not go.’ Well, Mr. President, obtain your feet X-rayed and also let’s check out those bone spurs. Ns don’t think he has them.”

Former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey challenges Trump come prove bone spur actually prevented the from serving in Vietnam:“He sees every one of us who went to Vietnam as fools...we to be the ones that didn’t have actually the resources to have the ability to get out of the draft. Let’s check out those X-rays!” pic.twitter.com/T76aYSOUJj

— Anderson Cooper 360° (
AC360) march 20, 2019

Trump, who has criticized McCain for being captured after his airplane was shot under in 1967, said recently that McCain was “not my sort of guy," phone call the violet Heart- and also Silver Star-awarded veteran "horrible" top top Monday.

Kerrey stated he think Trump’s remarks display that he thought McCain to be a “fool” to have gone to Vietnam.

“We to be the suckers. We were the stupid ones. Us were the ones the didn’t have the sources to have the ability to get out of the draft,” the former senator said.

McCain self criticized Trump’s draft deferment prior to his fatality in august from brain cancer. 

“One facet of the conflict, by the way, that I will certainly never ever countenance is that us drafted the lowest revenue level the America, and also the highest possible income level discovered a medical professional that would say the they had actually a bone spur,” McCain claimed in 2017. “That is wrong. The is wrong. If we space going come ask every American to serve, every American need to serve.”

The daughters of a brand-new York podiatrist came forward critical year and said your father may have actually diagnosed Trump v bone spurs to assist him avoid military service.

The daughters of Larry Braunstein, the foot doctor, stated they didn"t recognize if he ever check Trump however that that signed turn off on the diagnosis as a favor to Fred Trump, indigenous whom their father rented his kings office.

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“I know it to be a favor,” stated Elysa Braunstein, who father died in 2007. The Trumps offered the building in 2004.

“What he gained was access to Fred Trump,” she continued. “If there to be anything not correct in the building, mine dad would certainly call and also Trump would certainly take treatment of that immediately. That was the small favor the he got.”