In this unusual presidential election, one political tradition has remained intact: flooding the airwaves with campaign ads.

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Before your commercial breaks room finally totally free of Hillary Clinton and also Donald trump on Nov. 9, we"re taking a deep dive into cases from those ominous voiceovers and also scrolling text. Ours friends in ~ the politics TV advertisement Archive rounded increase the height 10 most-aired presidential ads indigenous the largest industries in an essential swing states, and we assessed them because that accuracy.

Reflective of the candidates" security on ads, only three of the many prolific spots come native the trump campaign. Clinton and her affiliates, meanwhile, have actually won the advertisement campaign v a selection of assault ads and also a sprinkling of positive messaging.

The ads additionally mirror the 2016 election"s an adverse tone; 7 of the ads in our counting are assault ads. The anti-Clinton ones exaggerate or offer misleading impressions the Clinton"s record, while the anti-Trump hits, which largely use Trump"s very own words against him, don"t constantly afford his comments the appropriate context.

Here space the many aired ads that 2016, fact-checked:

1. Pro-Clinton supervisor PAC ad: trumped mocked a disabled reporter

In this 30-second ad from priorities USA, a at sight PAC backing Clinton, a 17-year-old disabled cancer survivor says he doesn"t desire a president that would make fun of him.

It includes a clip of trump flailing his arms and saying in one agitated voice, "Ahh, i don"t know what ns said! Ah, i don"t remember!"

The ad"s fee is accurate. Trump was imitating brand-new York times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, a congenital problem which borders the motion of his joints.

After inciting angry from impairment advocates, trump admitted to imitating Kovaleski, however denied knowing around his impairment or remembering the reporter at all. Yet that paris in the face of what trump card said about Kovaleski in ~ the an extremely same rally: "a pretty reporter" and a "poor guy" that "you gotta see."

2. Trump project ad: Clinton lied to FBI, allowed ISIS to spread and also insulted Americans

This advertisement from Trump"s project replays a clip that Clinton asking, "Why aren"t ns 50 points ahead?" (The comment came during a video conference through the Laborers" worldwide Union of phibìc America.)

An announcer then answers, "Maybe it"s because the director of the FBI claimed you lied around your emails. Or possibly it"s because your policies have allowed ISIS and also terrorism to spread out or possibly it"s since you dubbed Americans "deplorables." "

These attacks on Clinton space exaggerated.

First, FBI manager James Comey has said that there is no "basis to conclude she lied come the FBI" about her email practices in closed-door interviews v the bureau.

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Comey has additionally pointedly decreased to comment on whether Clinton"s publicly remarks have been accurate. (PolitiFact rated among Clinton"s windy remarks, that she never sent or got classified info on her email server, False.)