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A super PAC backing autonomous presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton has launched a $20 million campaign that accuses her Republican opponent Donald trump card of "mocking" a disabled news reporter.

The emotionally charged ad focuses on an Ohio couple, Chris and also Lauren Glaros, talking around raising your daughter, Grace, that was born v a spinal defect.

"When I saw Donald trump mock a disabled person, ns was simply shocked," Lauren Glaros says in the ad, produced by priorities USA Action.

Last fall, trumped was generally criticized for appearing to physically mimic New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski at a campaign rally in southern Carolina ~ above Nov. 24. Kovaleski has actually arthrogryposis, a congenital condition which limits the motion of his joints. The ad shows a photograph of the reporter, whose right hand is sharply angled in ~ the wrist.

The ad cuts come a video clip clip of Trump in ~ the rally.

"You gotta see this guy," states Trump, insanity flailing his arms, his best hand flopping in ~ an strange angle as he shouts in a weird, agitated voice: "Ahh, ns don’t recognize what ns said! Ahh, ns don’t remember!"

"When I saw Donald trump mock somebody v a disability, it verified me his soul, it showed me his heart. And also I didn’t choose what ns saw," the father, chris Glaros, adds.

The TV advertisement (which you can watch in full at the bottom of this fact-check) is airing in seven an essential swing states -- Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, brand-new Hampshire and also Iowa.

gendergeek.org is fact-checking the obvious question: did Trump mock the male disability?

But first, we desire to separate Trump’s parody that the reporter from the reality. Kovaleski is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter who speaks through a common voice and doesn"t wave his eight around. (Watch a video clip of Kovaleski talking around his ground-breaking reporting on the killing cases against former new England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez.)

Trump tweeted about the advertisement on Sunday: "Clinton make a false ad about me wherein I was imitating a reporter GROVELING after he changed his story. Ns would never ever mock disabled. Shame!" The Trump project did not respond to gendergeek.org’s request for comment.

gendergeek.org also contacted Kovaleski, who declined comment.

Here’s why trumped singled out this reporter.

At the time of the November rally, Trump to be taking warm for his widely debunked cases that the watched in Jersey City, N.J., as "thousands and also thousands of civilization were cheering" the please of the world Trade facility following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

To safeguard this account, trump card seized ~ above a Sept. 18, 2001, story through Kovaleski -- that then functioned for the Washington Post -- and another reporter. Close to the bottom the the story, they wrote that "law enforcement authorities detained and also questioned a number of people who were allegedly watched celebrating the attacks and also holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while lock watched the devastation ~ above the other side that the river." but the reporters couldn’t verify the celebrations in reality occurred.

"I certainly do not remember everyone saying the thousands or even hundreds of people were celebrating. The was not the case, as finest as I have the right to remember," Kovaleski later told the Washington Post truth Checker. Remember, Kovaleski created that "a variety of people" -- not thousands -- were allegedly viewed celebrating.

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This why Trump, believing the Kovaleski to be backing off the 2001 story, wailed in his impersonation, "Ahh, ns don’t remember!"

Trump’s behavior sparked windy outrage.

The New York Times rebuked trumped in a statement: "We think it"s outrageous the he would ridicule the figure of among our reporters."