The Republican presidential has actually insisted he never ever met the new York times reporter, Serge F. Kovaleski.

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— -- gendergeek.orgP frontrunner Donald Trump states he wasn"t mocking a brand-new York times reporter"s muscular disorder as soon as he make jerking movements seeming come imitate the man"s condition during a speech critical week, saying now at a rally in Sarasota, Florida, the he was simply showing a reporter who was "groveling."

"I was an extremely expressive in speak it, and also they said that ns was mocking him," trump said. "I would never mock a human that has difficulty. I would never ever do that. I"m telling you, ns would never do it."

Trump has actually insisted the he walk not understand the reporter, Serge Kovaleski, and also was unaware the his condition. Kovaleski has discussed Trump"s claim and also said he was on a first-name basis v the real estate mogul when he covered him because that the new York daily News in the 1980s.

"I didn"t recognize him, it"s possible, probable that ns met him somewhere follow me the line, but I resolve reporters every day," Trump told the crowd. "Now he"s gendergeek.orging, "Well he knew me and also we were on a very first name basis." offer me a break."

Trump Tweets an extensive Statement around Reporter Serge Kovaleski, demands Apology from brand-new York Times
Reporter Mocked by Trump claims the 2 Knew Each various other Well

Trump went on say the he doesn"t take it his imitation back, due to the fact that he states he was no imitating a disability however a groveling reporter.

"I don"t take it that earlier because the human was groveling in terms of producing statements," trump card said, referring to a story that Kovaleski created for the Washington short article a week after the September 11 terror attacks that described allegations that "tailgate-style next on rooftops" in new Jersey after the civilization Trade center towers fell.

Trump has actually pointed to Kovaleski"s story as evidence that his case that "thousands" that Muslims in new Jersey celebrated the civilization Trade Center’s collapse. Yet Kovaleski has since said he never heard about "thousands or also hundreds" of human being celebrating and that he no recall the allegations of diverted celebrations ever being confirmed.

Trump accused Kovaleski the trying to retract his story and also continued to protect his original insurance claim that countless Muslims in new Jersey celebrated.

"I didn"t like the reality that he composed a story and also he took it back, due to the fact that he talked around tailgate parties and other points you all saw, and many civilization knew what took place and everybody knows it took place worldwide, so why wouldn"t it take place in very solid Muslim communities, where they have actually a most Muslim communities?" trump said.

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Trump went on come bemoan criter of political correctness as soon as talking around handicaps, saying the "it"s facility out there," and also that that doesn’t have actually time to be politically correct.

"Never say a disable human or the disabled, say a human with disabilities. In various other words you to speak the other, you’re in trouble," trump said. "OK, never ever use the hatchet handicapped parking, use only available parking, even though world have handicapped permits. Therefore it"s so facility out there, it"s tough. And also we want to it is in politically correct, yet a most us don"t have actually time to be politically correct."