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President Donald Trump appears to have actually shared picture of the wrong Nobel prize in a Twitter video clip Monday ostensibly touting his success as a peacemaker.

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The minute-long video at one point says "Trump means peace" and then reflects the president v the element minister the Israel and also ambassadors native the united Arab Emirates and Bahrain. A Nobel prize medal is superimposed top top the video.

Trump has actually been criticized for the video, as he has not winner a tranquility prize despite sometimes arguing he should. Yet it now shows up the medal in inquiry isn"t the one vested to peace prize winners.

John Kraljevich is a south Carolina Democrat who identifies himself on Twitter together a historian and also numismatist—a collector of coins and also medals. He appears to be among the very first people to an alert the president"s error.

"Professional medal guy below I"ve in reality catalogued/authenticated a Nobel tranquility Prize before (it carried over a million bucks at auction)," Kraljevich said

"That"s not even a Nobel tranquility Prize. The medal shown is awarded because that physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, and also literature."

The website notes that "laureates due to the fact that 1901 have actually received Nobel prize medals created based upon the original designs by Erik Lindberg.

As Erik Lindberg to be responsible for creating the "Swedish" Nobel medals, the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland was entrusted to architecture the Norwegian peace medal in 1901.

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"However, together Gustav Vigeland was a sculptor and also not a medal engraver, Erik Lindberg do the dies for the peace medal based upon Vigeland"s designs. Their designs are provided still today."

The critical U.S. President to win the Nobel tranquility Prize was Barack Obama in 2009. Photographs of Obama providing his accept speech clearly show him v the unique peace prize medal, not the one featured in Trump"s video. In 2020, Trump to be nominated for the peace prize yet it eventually went to the civilization Food Program.


Nobel peace Prize laureate, united state President Barack Obama poses ~ above the podium v his diploma and also gold medal during the Nobel ceremony at the City room in Oslo ~ above December 10, 2009. The peace prize medal has actually a distinct design.OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images