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Donald trumped announced his reelection bid as shortly as he take it office four years ago and raised more than $1 billion in the 2020 cycle, according to OpenSecrets. This amount includes donations come his official campaign committee and also outside groups such together single-candidate supervisor PACs and hybrid PACs or Careycommittees.

whereby Did the big Money Go?

Very big donations in U.S. Presidential elections room directed come super PACs (political activity committees) or hybrid PACs due to the fact that of the $5,600 limit on exactly how much an individual can give to a candidate’s official project committee per choice cycle. America very first Action, a single-candidate, pro-Trump at sight PAC established in April 2017 to support his agenda and also deliver the a victory, was the main recipient of accumulation from his affluent backers.

Millions of dollars have come into the at sight PAC from the affiliated America very first Policies nonprofit, but since it no disclose the donors, it’s well-known as a “dark money” group, and we can not be details who contributed to it. Trump card supporters might have additionally given to share fundraising committees set up because that the presidential campaign and also the Republican national Committee—for example, Trump win or the Trump do America good Again Committee.


The greatest industries represented amongst Trump donors as whole this cycle were health and wellness Services, Casinos/Gambling and Finance. Just $8,021 came out of the former president’s pockets this time around, versus $66 million in 2016.

The following are the peak donors to the trump card 2020 campaign (2020 choice cycle), according to processed commonwealth Election commission data.*

Sheldon Adelson, a casino mogul, and also his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson, donated $75 million in 2020 to a supervisor PAC called "Preserve America" the ran a media campaign against the former presidential nominee Joe Biden, now president, in bespeak to assist re-elect Trump.

1.Timothy Mellon, Pan Am equipment — $10 million

An heir to the Mellon bank fortune and the nephew of previous U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, his is among the biggest donations this choice cycle. He own the largest local railroad in north America, Pan to be Railways, which walk up for sale in July. He is been notably reclusive and absent from politics. Republican operatives reportedly had actually to look his surname up top top Google as soon as he come forward come help.

2.Kelcy Warren, power Transfers — $10 million

Warren is the co-founder, chair and also CEO of energy Transfers. The Texas-based company owns and also operates the controversial Dakota access Pipeline, which autonomous President Joe Biden may shut under or slow the review procedure of.

3.Geoffrey Palmer, G.H. Palmer Associates — $6 million

Palmer is a genuine estate magnate whose structures in Los Angeles are known for their characteristic “fauxtalian” style. That was preferred to be part of Trump’s good American financial Revival Industry groups (Construction/Labor/Workforce) in April 2020.

4.Linda McMahon, America an initial Action — $4.5 million

McMahon is famous for cofounding the WWE franchise with her husband, Vince. She ran the little Business management from 2017 come 2019 and also is at this time the chair of the America an initial Action supervisor PAC, to which she provided millions herself.

5.Patricia Duggan, Philanthropist/Entrepreneur — $3 million

Duggan is a top Scientology donor. An company in her name has additionally separately donated $3 million to the America very first Action supervisor PAC this cycle.

6.Stephen Schwarzman, The Blackstone team — $3 million

The billionaire investor and also close girlfriend of the chairman is the chair, CEO and cofounder that publicly traded invest firm The blackstone Group. The was chosen to be component of Trump’s great American economic Revival Industry groups (Financial Services) in April 2020.

7.Elizabeth “Liz” Uihlein, Uline — $2 million

She began the shipping large Uline with her husband, Richard, in your basement in 1980. Liz was component of Trump’s financial advisory team in 2016. Richard Uihlein donated $750,000.

8.Diane Hendricks, abc Supply — $2 million

She is in ~ the optimal of Forbes’ America’s wealthiest Self-Made ladies ranking through a net worth that $7 billion. She cofounded alphabet Supply, the biggest wholesale distributor that roofing commodities in the country, through her late husband in 1982.

9.Warren Stephens, Stephens Inc. — $1.5 million

He is the chair, president, and CEO the the privately held financial solutions firm, Stephens Inc., i m sorry was started in 1933 through his uncle. That was liked to be part of Trump’s an excellent American economic Revival Industry groups (Financial Services) in April 2020.

10.Cherna Moskowitz, Hawaiian Gardens Casino — $1.3 million

Cherna Moskowitz is the chairman of Hawaiian Gardens Casino in California and also the Irving Moskowitz Fundation. She is the widow the Dr. Irving Moskowitz, a influential physician and philanthropist, who died in 2016.

various other notables

Several people of the DeVos family members have together provided $1 million, including Richard DeVos Jr., chairman of Amway and husband of former U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Daniel DeVos, Suzanne DeVos, Doug DeVos, and Maria DeVos. Walter “Buck” Buckley, the cofounder and CEO of Actua Corp., a publicly traded venture funding firm the underwent liquidation in 2018, donated $1.1 million.

Individuals donating $1 million each incorporate Ronald Cameron (chair of Arkansas-based poultry firm Mountaire Farms), Robert lumber Johnson IV (U.S. Ambassador come Britain and pharmaceutical heir), Jeffrey Sprecher (founder, chair, and also CEO of Intercontinental Exchange, and also chair that the new York stock Exchange), Rex Sinquefield (index accumulation pioneer), and Dana White (president the the can be fried Fighting Championship, or UFC).

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