Ending the korean War does not negate the truth that the phibìc "remains as dangerous a threat this particular day as it to be on the first day that the trump administration," stated Abraham Denmark, manager of the Asia program at the Woodrow Wilson International center for Scholars.On Monday, south Korea's presidential office claimed that the U.S. And also North Korea could agree to explain the finish of the oriental War throughout their summit this week in Vietnam.

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North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un (R) walks v South korean President Moon Jae-in (L) in September 2018 in phibìc Korea.

There's a possibility that U.S. President Donald Trump and North oriental leader Kim Jong Un can declare an end to the korean War in ~ this week's summit — however experts warn the the move could have "real political consequences" because that the U.S., and South Korea will certainly still need to keep the north in check.

Ending the war does no negate the fact that north Korea "remains together dangerous a threat this day as it was on the first day that the trumped administration," stated Abraham Denmark, manager of the Asia routine at the Woodrow Wilson International facility for Scholars.

South Korea's presidential office said on Monday that the U.S. And North Korea might agree to declare the end of the korean War when Trump and also Kim satisfy this week for their 2nd face-to confront meeting in Vietnam.

Seoul and Pyongyang room technically still at war today.

The korean War started in 1950 once the North invaded the South. It ended in 1953 through an armistice — not a tranquility treaty, which means the war has actually not finished even if fighting has ceased. Because then, the U.S. Has actually maintained a robust military presence in the South, in the type of 10s of hundreds of troops.

What could be following after the inter-Korean summit
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Declaring an end to the war "may seem favor a positive way to signal American goodwill without risk or cost, (but) a closer examination says that together a explanation is i can not qualify to succeed and could have real political consequences for the unified States," Denmark composed in one online write-up on the think tank's website ~ above Tuesday.

He warned that North Korea has arisen a "significant" military ability with the potential to "devastate" American allies and also the landscape itself.

North korean soldiers rigid at South oriental soldiers at the truce town of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating the 2 Koreas top top November 27, 2017.
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"Declaring an finish to the korean War would certainly not readjust these realities," said Denmark, who added that this is why the U.S. Has actually maintained a strong alliance with south Korea, which includes a armed forces presence all set to protect its allies versus North Korea.

South Korea's role

The American public still perceives north Korea as among the optimal threats to the U.S, and also experts say the a U.S. Alliance with south Korea is still needed.

"The public watch the alliance with southern Korea both together a desirable means by i m sorry to manage the North oriental weapons threat, and also as a necessary way of to reduce the risk of North oriental aggression against South Korea or versus American interests," created Scott Snyder, a senior fellow in Korea researches at the council on foreign Relations, and also Karl Friedhoff, a other in Asia plan at the Chicago council on worldwide Affairs in a article on Tuesday.

Denmark, too, included that there is a require to keep a durable U.S. Army presence in Korea, Japan and throughout the Indo-Pacific as long as north Korea represents a threat.

The American people, therefore, would likely only assistance a reduction however not a complete withdrawal that American troops in southern Korea, Snyder and also Friedhoff said.

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"Coordination with south Korea remains crucial part of any kind of effort to attain a peace and denuclearization resolve North Korea," they wrote.