Q: Did president Donald trump card donate $1 million come hurricane relief initiatives in the Bahamas?

A: regardless of social media claims to the contrary, there is no evidence of together a donation. He did, however, donate to relief efforts in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey. 


Saw a FB write-up saying trumped personally donated a million dollars to Bahamas Hurricane Dorian relief. True or false?


The U.S. Government has aided the Bahamas through more than $25 million precious of humanitarian relief due to the fact that Hurricane Dorian struggle the islands earlier this month, death at least 51 people. The Walt Disney Co., Michael Jordan and others pledged money to assist, too.

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Social media users, however, have actually spread an unsupported case that chairman Donald Trump has personally donated $1 million to hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas.

“Trump, in his hurtful, hateful, racist, Nazi fashion, just donated $1 MILLION the his own money come the Bahamas Relief Fund,” one post reads.

Some commenters praised the supposed news. “That’s my exorbitant President!” one woman wrote. But others rightfully wondered about the posts — consisting of several readers who inquired with gendergeek.org around the matter.

The White House has made no such announcement, and we could find no evidence to assistance the claim.

Two years ago, in September 2017, following Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas, trump card personally pledged to donate $1 million for relief initiatives there. The White house at the time officially announced a perform of institutions that would obtain donations and also the amounts for each. Several organizations later evidenced that they had received the money.

Also in September 2017, Trump’s inaugural committee announced that it would certainly donate $3 million split evenly to 3 organizations connected in hurricane relief initiatives — a pledge the was reflected in the committee’s succeeding tax filings.

Previous hoaxes have falsely claimed that Trump and also his family donated $1 exchange rate to a fund for a wall surface at the southerly border (they didn’t) and also that the president donated a entirety year’s salary to “repair armed forces cemeteries” — i m sorry is false, despite he does donate his value to various reasons in quarterly increments, as we’ve explained.

But there is no proof to support the assertion that Trump has actually personally donated $1 million to money hurricane relief in the Bahamas.


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