A perform of announced recipients of U.S. President Donald Trump’s donated paychecks because January 2017.

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Published13 December 2019Updated3 august 2020

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As we formerly reported, U.S. Chairman Donald Trump walk not donate his whole salary because that the objective of rebuilding army cemeteries.

However, Trump has actually repeatedly adhered to up on his pledge come donate his presidential salary. The complying with list papers what government projects or departments have been chosen to advantage from Trump’s quarterly paychecks so far:

Q1 2017Dept. Of the InteriorNational Park organization maintenance the a Civil battle site
Q2 2017Dept. The EducationA science, technology, engineering, and also math (STEM) camp for children
Q3 2017Dept. Of Health and Human ServicesPublic awareness campaign around opioid addiction
Q4 2017Dept. That TransportationInfrastructure grant program
Q1 2018Dept. The Veterans AffairsCaregiver programs
Q2 2018U.S. Tiny Business Administration“Emerging Leaders” program
Q3 2018National academy on Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismNot yet announced
Q4 2018Dept. Of landscape SecurityNot however announced
Q1 2019Dept. Of AgricultureOutreach programs, according to a statement from USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue provided to gendergeek.org
Q2 2019Surgeon General’s Office“An upcoming public health advisory,” USA this day reports.
Q3 2019Office of the Assistant Secretary that Health“To continue the continuous fight against the opioid crisis,” the White house told the associated Press
Q4 2019Dept. That Health and also Human ServicesTo aid “confront, contain, and combat coronavirus.”
Q1 2020Dept. Of wellness andHuman ServicesTo “develop new therapies because that treating and also preventing coronavirus.”

 To it is in clear, this list files announcements — not receipts — of Trump’s donations.

CNN reports that “federal regulation prohibit agencies from agree donated funds uneven Congress grants authority come the agency to expropriate the donation. Without congressional authorization, donated money is deposited into the general fund of the department of Treasury.” we contacted the room of Treasury to find out if documentation for any type of such store is publicly available and have yet come hear back.

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We will continue to upgrade this perform as an ext details come to be available.

Recent UpdatesUpdated to encompass announcement of Q1 2020 salary donation. Updated to include details from March 3, 2020, announcement.