Even Donald trump didn"t say that Jesus Christ to be a ‘socialist loser’ due to the fact that He supplied to feeding the poor and heal the sick.

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Published12 august 2015

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FACT CHECK: did Donald Trump refer to Jesus together a ‘socialist loser’?

Claim: Donald Trump claimed that Jesus to be a “socialist loser.”



Did Trump contact Jesus a socialist loser?

Origins: on 11 respectable 2015, the humor internet site The an excellent Lord above published an short article reporting that company magnate and Republican presidential candidate Donald trump card had referred to as Jesus a “socialist loser”:

Donald Trump claimed Tuesday the Jesus Christ to be a ‘socialist loser’ due to the fact that he provided to feed the poor and heal the sick.

Then trump — the Republican presidential competitor who has caught the hearts and minds of at the very least 20% the the country Republicans — vowed:

“Believe me, Trump would never help the poor.”

“I would certainly never provide away medicine for free. Jesus was weak. Allow me tell friend something, Jesus is not god. He is god because he to be crucified. I choose gods the weren’t crucified.”

“Perhaps he’s god, but right now, Jesus hasn’t done anything in 2000 years,” trump card added. “Jesus it s okay up there and also starts bleeding the end on the cross. Trump wouldn’t carry out that. He has actually blood coming out of his sides, his eyes, his feet, blood coming the end of his wherever. Just disgusting.”

Donald Trump never ever said anything prefer the above. The write-up published through The great Lord over is merely a spoof mocking some of Trump’s vault grandiose and also pejorative comments, such together his criticism the Senator man McCain’s battle hero status:

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a battle hero because he to be captured. I like human being who weren’t captured.”

The great Lord above is a humor web site that purports to publish short articles written native God’s perspective. Previous posts include “After 2000 years of Silence, God Launches new Website” and “GOD: I’m ultimately off drugs and also it feel good.”

While the net site does not include a readily available disclaimer, the site’s Facebook page makes that clear the all articles published top top The good Lord above are feeling in nature:

God made the world. Then he flooded it. Climate God saw sleep for around 2000 years.

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Anyway, ultimately God woke up and also felt pretty bad for what he’d done in the past. In 2011, after years of therapy, God started this Holy and Divine God Facebook page to gain back his good name.