President Donald Trump's an answer to the coronavirus pandemic, in which an ext than 200,000 civilization in the US have actually died, has end up being a key issue in the forthcoming presidential election.

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Mr Trump has himself tested positive for Covid-19, and the issue is most likely to be brought into even sharper focus during the an extremely final step of the campaign.

The united state does have both the highest variety of cases and the most in its entirety recorded deaths of any type of country in the world.

However, once you look in ~ deaths every capita - together a ratio of each country's populace - that is no longer top of the list, although it does stay in the height 10 worst-hit countries.

At a rally in June, chairman Trump called the crowd: "I said to mine people, slow the testing down, please."

Dr Anthony Fauci, the White House's optimal infectious-diseases expert, said: "To mine knowledge, none of us have ever been told to slow-moving down top top testing."

The White House's peak infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, has questioned the president's assertion the the us is transforming a corner, calling the latest statistics "disturbing".

Around 69,000 new coronavirus cases a day room being reported across the US, increase from roughly 50,000 a day at the start of October, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

There has actually been a 6% increase in situations in the past week, and also daily deaths are averaging just under 800.

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Verdict: That's no right. Coronavirus cases are climbing in both Republican (red) and also Democratic (blue) states.

Covid-19 situations are increasing in an ext than 40 us states and also these encompass both Republican and also Democratic controlled states.

South Dakota and Montana are currently seeing the many coronavirus deaths per capita, follow to the brand-new York Times.

South Dakota is operation by Republican governors, however Montana has democratic governors - return both these claims voted for President trump in 2016.

Trump: "Did you see the world Health company yesterday? They claimed Trump was right. They stated you can't make the healing worse than the trouble itself. I've to be saying the for a lengthy time."

Verdict: The that did not say "Trump to be right" and also has no singled out the United states for prayer in its handling of the pandemic.

President Trump shows up to be introduce to comments made by Dr David Nabarro, distinct envoy come the people Health Organisation, about lockdown measures.

Mr Trump said in August the the imposition that lockdowns "would at some point inflict much more harm 보다 it would prevent".

Dr Nabarro stated lockdowns have to be the last will for controlling the spread out of the virus. "We in the human being Health company do not advocate lockdowns together the primary method of regulate of this virus," he said.

However, he included that lockdowns are justified for buying time to "reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, defend your health and wellness workers who space exhausted".

Joe Biden criticised president Trump's taking care of of the pandemic, accusing the of calling the "a hoax" and also said the management "minimised the seriousness of it".

He accused democrats in February that "politicising the coronavirus" and also mentioned the impeachment procedure against him, calling the a "hoax".

Verdict: That's not right. Some human being were freed - it's approximated that thousands quiet flew come the US.

Mr Trump authorize an bespeak on 31 January i beg your pardon stopped foreign nationals who had remained in China in the previous two weeks indigenous entering the US, which come into effect on 2 February.

But the order had actually exemptions for us citizens, legal residents, and non-citizen loved ones with near ties. Flight data analysed by the new York Times reflects 40,000 human being arrived in the US directly from China in the two months after chairman Trump's restrictions.

Verdict: we don't have complete data because that race-related mortality, however independent research study does support his claim.

Mr Biden appears to be quoting a statistic from the APM research Lab, which monitor the affect of Covid-19 on decimal using main data and modelling.

They found that 1 in 1,020 black color Americans had passed away from the virus, considerably greater than various other groups.

At the start of the outbreak, Dr Anthony Fauci, the White home top infectious disease expert, encourage the us public didn't wear challenge coverings.

But he states his at an early stage comments have been taken out of context, claiming he was at first cautious due to the fact that there was a shortage of PPE for medical care professionals.

In early on March, Dr Fauci said: "It might lead to a shortage that masks for the people who really need it." by the end of March, Fauci claimed recommending confront coverings external a healthcare setup was under "serious consideration".

Since April, Dr Fauci and also the CDC have recommended the use of confront coverings in details settings to assist slow the spread out of coronavirus.

The US population is around 328 million, i m sorry is simply over 4% the the 7.7 billion an international population.

There have actually been end 225,000 coronavirus deaths tape-recorded in the US, follow to the latest john Hopkins college data. The total number of deaths recorded an international is around 1,161,000.

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On this metric, the us accounts for over 19% the Covid-19 deaths worldwide, return the way countries document their numbers varies considerably.