Neighborhood clock leader George Zimmerman claims Trayvon young name punched him, jumped on peak of him and began banging his head on a sidewalk. Zimmerman claimed he cried because that help, climate shot Martin.

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Meanwhile, Martin"s parents space blaming police because that leaking information around their son being suspended because that marijuana and also details about the struggle he had with Zimmerman that portrayed the teenager as the aggressor.

Martin"s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and family attorneys said Monday the it was part of an effort to demonize her son.

"They killed my son and also now they"re trying to kill his reputation," Fulton called reporters.

Martin to be suspended by Miami-Dade county schools due to the fact that traces of marijuana were found in a plastic baggie in his publication bag, household spokesman Ryan Julison said. Martin to be serving the suspension once he to be shot Feb. 26.

The Sanford Police department insisted there was no authorized relax of the brand-new information yet acknowledged there may have been a leak. City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. Stated it would certainly be investigated and the person responsible can be fired.

Martin family members attorney Benjamin Crump stated the link between the youth and marijuana should have no bearing ~ above the probe into his shooting death. State and also federal agencies are investigating, through a grand jury collection to convene April 10.

"If he and his friend experimented v marijuana, the is fully irrelevant," Crump said. "What go it have to do v killing their son?"

The state room of youth Justice evidenced Monday that Martin walk not have a youth offender record. The details came ~ a public records request by The connected Press.

Despite the news of Martin"s possible actions the night that the shooting, rallies demanding the arrest that the 28-year-old Zimmerman spread from Florida to Indiana.

Thousands rallied Monday ~ above the measures of the Georgia state Capitol. The crowd chanted "I am Trayvon!" and also "Arrest Zimmerman now!" The protest finished with the crowd linking hands and singing, "We chandelier Overcome."

Students indigenous Morehouse College, Spelman College and also Clark Atlanta University urged their other students to talk to their lawmakers around gun laws. Student wore hoodies that said, "I to be Trayvon Martin" and also lofted indications reading, "Don"t shoot!" and also "I might be next."

"We"re humans, and even much more so, we"re American citizens, and we have actually the expectation that justice will certainly be delivered," said Ronnie Mosley, 20, a college student at Morehouse who aided organize the rally.

Back in Sanford, city officials named a 23-year veteran the the police department as acting chief. The appointment of Capt. Darren Scott, who is African-American, come days ~ Chief bill Lee, who is white, temporary stepped down as the company endured withering criticism end its managing of the case.

"I know each one of you — and also everyone the town hall — would like to have a quick, positive resolution to this recent event," Scott told reporters. "I advice everyone to let the device take its course."

The Sanford City Commission hosted its an initial meeting Monday because giving Lee a no to trust vote, which resulted in his ouster. Martin"s parents both addressed the panel, urging them come take procedures to arrest Zimmerman. Much more than 500 human being crowded right into the meeting, i beg your pardon was moved from City hall to the Sanford civil Center.

"We are asking because that justice," stated Tracy Martin, the teenager"s father.

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton warned commissioners the Sanford risked becoming a 21st century variation of civil rights struggle in the South throughout the 1960s.

Sharpton said Martin"s parents withstood "insults and also lies" Monday over reports that their son assaulted Zimmerman.

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Also Monday, one attorney for Martin"s mother confirmed that she filed trademark applications for two slogans containing she son"s name: "Justice for Trayvon" and also "I to be Trayvon." The applications stated the trademarks could be supplied for such points as DVDs and also CDs.

The trademark attorney, Kimra Major-Morris, stated in an email that Fulton wants to protect intellectual home rights because that "projects the will assist other households who experience comparable tragedies."