Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws throughout pregame wamups prior to facing the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Thursday, December 1, 2016. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)(Tom Fox / employee Photographer)
Now a CBS tv analyst, previous Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has actually hinted that the just regret that his career is that he never ever won a super Bowl. And with four Pro key appearances and also the fourth-highest quarterback rating of all-time, you have the right to see why Romo feels the way.

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But the failure to record a Lombardi Trophy leaves Romo amongst a group of great quarterbacks who never ever won a ring. The question is, whereby does Romo rank amongst that group?

Jason McIntyre the The huge Lead developed a top-10 list of the ideal quarterbacks to never win a ring. Dan Marino and also Jim Kelly obviously height the perform at Nos. 1 and also 2 respectively. Castle were adhered to former Viking Fran Tarkenton and former Charger Dan Fouts, however then Romo come in in ~ No. 5 ~ above the list.

"Undrafted, barely make the Cowboys, and also then ascended to come to be one that the finest QBs in their storied history. Never made an NFC location game, much much less a super Bowl," McIntyre explained. "In his ideal season (2014), the threw 34 TDs and led the organization in 5 passing categories, however it finished in controversy when Dez Bryant caught a TD and also the refs screwed Dallas."

One question that has plagued Cowboy fans for lot of Romo"s career is if he will be a room of Famer. 5 of the ringless quarterbacks ~ above this perform made it to Canton: Marino, Kelly, Tarkenton, Fouts and also Warren Moon.

But SportsDay columnist and also Hall of call committee member rick Gosselin is no so bullish on Romo"s chances.

From a Gosselin pillar from May, 2016:

Tony Romo has actually never won a super Bowl. He"s never been come a supervisor Bowl. He"s never also been to a conference location game. You need an ext than stats to obtain into the room of Fame.

Jim Kelly never ever won a at sight Bowl. But he took his Buffalo receipt to 4 of them. That"s why he has actually a bust in Canton. Fran Tarkenton never won a at sight Bowl. But he took his Minnesota Vikings to 3 of them. That"s why he has actually a bust in Canton.

Romo has actually won one NFL pass title. He additionally has to be to four Pro Bowls.

But Ken Anderson went to four Pro Bowls. He additionally won four NFL passing titles. He to be an NFL MVP and took his Cincinnati Bengals to a super Bowl. Yet he can"t acquire into Canton. He"s now in the senior pool and also his wait is in ~ 26 years and also counting.






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