No matter exactly how talented you are, that does not guarantee friend a Super bowl ring—just questioning Dan Marino.

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Some will certainly say the Marino is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game in spite of never winning the supervisor Bowl. I happen to somewhat agree through that, yet I"d prefer to include that he"s the best quarterback to never ever win a super Bowl. I have actually a couple of other quarterbacks ahead of him. 

Along v Marino, there has been quite a few of quarterbacks the racked increase the stats and also won a lot of games, yet simply never ever won a at sight Bowl. They"re ring-less. 

In the spirit, let"s take it a look in ~ the 50 best quarterbacks to never ever win a super Bowl. 

*Special Note: some quarterbacks detailed may have won a "championship," yet some might argue that it is not significant considering the time period and the level the playing ar that castle were playing in.*

50. Kris Chandler
1 the 50

Chris Chandler wasn"t all that great of a quarterback, yet he was still good.

Chandler played 18 periods in the NFL when posting a 67-85 record as a starter.

Chandler retired with a 79.1 quarterback rating when tossing 170 touchdowns contrasted to 146 interceptions. 

49. Aaron Brooks
2 that 50

Aaron Brooks was actually among the better quarterbacks come the play in the NFL, despite never to win a super Bowl. 

Brooks played six periods with the brand-new Orleans Saints together he post a 79.7 quarterback rating while cram 123 touchdowns contrasted to 92 interceptions. 

48. Carson Palmer
3 that 50

Carson Palmer has played in eight season so much in the NFL, and at one point, that was taken into consideration a top-tier quarterback through the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now through the Oakland Raiders, Palmer has actually a 50-56 document with one 86.3 quarterback rating if tossing 167 touchdowns and also being picked turn off 116 times. 

47. Marc Bulger
4 of 50

Marc Bulger had a pretty effective stint with the St. Luigi Rams, together he threw for 22,814 happen yards while completing 62.1 percent the his passes.

However, Bulger has yet to victory a supervisor Bowl. 

46. Kerry Collins
5 of 50

Kerry Collins has actually been roughly the NFL for fairly some time—18 periods to be exact. 

Collins has a job 81-99 record and made the at sight Bowl once with the new York Giants ago in 2000, but lost versus the Baltimore Ravens. 

45. Tony Romo
6 of 50

I think the it"s for sure to say that Tony Romo is nothing brief of a choking artist. He is a fraud.

Romo has had actually multiple talented teams with the Dallas Cowboys end the years while posting a 47-30 record and also a 96.9 quarterback rating, however has never ever made it to the NFC Championship.

44. Matt Hasselbeck
7 of 50

Matt Hasselbeck has had actually himself a pretty solid NFL career, as he"s made it come one at sight Bowl through the Seattle Seahawks, yet he was never able to pull turn off the victory. 

Hasselbeck has actually a career 82.2 quarterback rating if posting a 78-69 document as a starter. 

43. Jim Harbaugh
8 the 50

Jim Harbaugh was a gamer, yet he was never ever able to victory a Super key ring.

Harbaugh won 66 games in his 14-year job in the NFL if retiring with 129 touchdowns and also 117 interceptions. 

42. Michael Vick
9 of 50

Michael Vick is a playmaker and a winner, yet his constant season success has never analyzed into playoff success.

Vick has actually a career 80.9 quarterback rating while throw 111 touchdowns and completing 56 percent that his passes. 

41. Neil O'Donnell
10 of 50

Many of friend probably have actually no clue that Neil O"Donnell is. He has actually the shortest interception price in NFL history, but he never ever won a super Bowl.

O"Donnell winner 55 games while posting a 81.8 quarterback rating. 

40. Matt Schaub
11 of 50

Matt Schaub has had himself a pretty impressive eight periods in the NFL, as he"s taped a 92.2 quarterback rating when winning 32 games and completing 64.3 percent that his passes—but he has never winner a super Bowl.

A at sight Bowl can be in the near future because that Schaub and also the Houston Texans, though. 

39. Steve Grogan
12 the 50

Steve Grogan is more than likely the third-best quarterback in brand-new England Patriots history, but he has never won a at sight Bowl.

Grogan retired v a 69.6 quarterback rating if tossing 182 touchdowns and also accumulating 26,886 happen yards. 

38. Billy Kilmer
13 the 50

Billy Kilmer to be a gamer, as he played in 16 seasons and also retired when he to be 39 year old.

Kilmer won 61 gamings while perfect 53.1 percent the his passes and racked increase 20,469 happen yards, however was never able to success a supervisor Bowl. 

37. Joe Ferguson
14 of 50

Joe Ferguson played in 17 seasons in the NFL, when 12 that those were through the Buffalo Bills, and also he never won a super Bowl.

Ferguson retired v 29,817 passing yards and throwing 196 touchdowns. 

36. Share Snead
15 that 50

Norm Snead played until he to be 37 year old. He post a 65.5 quarterback rating together he gathered 30,797 passing yards, yet never won a supervisor Bowl.

Snead go play in four Pro Bowls. 

35. Jim Everett
16 that 50

Jim Everett never was may be to success the big game throughout his 12-year career in the NFL.

Everett threw because that 34,837 happen yards and also posted a 78.6 quarterback rating. 

34. Milt Plum
17 the 50

Milt Plum played every the means back in the so late 1950s and also throughout the 1960s. 

Plum threw for 17,536 pass yards while throwing 122 touchdowns and being named to two Pro Bowls, however his success never turned into a Super key victory. 

33. Jake Plummer
18 of 50

Jake Plummer actually had actually a an extremely successful insignificant in the NFL, as he retired with a 69-67 record as a starter if posting a 74.6 quarterback rating.

Plummer played for the Arizona Cardinals and also the Denver Broncos, however never had any real playoff success. 

32. Jeff Blake
19 of 50

Jeff Blake was far from gift a winner, however he put up part solid stats, as he posted a 78.0 quarterback rating if accumulating 21,711 pass yards and throwing 134 touchdowns. 

Blake played because that the Cincinnati Bengals for the most of career and never winner a at sight Bowl. 

31. Vinny Testaverde
20 the 50

Vinny Testaverde play in the NFL for an significant 21 years and posted a 90-123-1 record as a starter.

As you deserve to tell, he wasn"t that much of a winner, as he never ever won a supervisor Bowl, yet he definitely had the stats. He collected 46,233 pass yards and threw 275 touchdowns. 

30. Brian Sipe
21 the 50

Brian Sipe spent his entire career through the Cleveland Browns, and also guess what? He"s ring-less.

Sipe retired through a 57-55 document as a starter, as he did throw for an superior 154 touchdowns if posting a 74.8 quarterback rating. 

29. Ken O'Brien
22 of 50

Ken O"Brien play nine periods with the new York Jets and also one season through the Philadelphia Eagles and also never found a means to victory a super Bowl.

O"Brien threw for 25,094 happen yards when posting a 80.4 quarterback rating and being named to two Pro Bowls. 

28. Daunte Culpepper
23 that 50

Daunte Culpepper is best known for his dynamic link with future hall of Fame broad receiver Randy Moss, but the 2 of lock never discovered a method to also make it come the supervisor Bowl with each other while playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

Culpepper certainly has the stats, as he threw 149 touchdowns and retired v an outstanding 87.8 quarterback rating. 

27. Neil Lomax
24 the 50

Neil Lomax didn"t have actually too much success through the St. Luigi Cardinals, as he posted a 47-52-2 record as a starter while throwing for 22,771 yards and also 136 touchdowns.

Despite having solid stats, Lomax never ever won a title. 

26. Ron Jaworski
25 the 50

Ron Jaworski was called to one pro Bowl throughout his time v the Philadelphia Eagles, as he retired through a 73-69-1 record yet never won the large game.

Jaws threw because that 28,190 yards if tossing 179 touchdowns. He put up solid stats, yet never really was able to take it to the next level in the postseason. 

25. Jeff Garcia
26 the 50

Will Jeff Garcia ever retire? He"s 41 year old and also is quiet going, as he"s looking for his very first Super key ring.

Garcia has actually thrown because that 25,537 passing yards when tossing 161 touchdowns and posting an outstanding 87.5 quarterback rating. 

24. Philip Rivers
27 the 50

Philip Rivers is just one of the top-tier quarterbacks in the NFL today, yet hasn"t had actually too lot playoff success during his time v the san Diego Chargers.

Rivers is 63-33 as a starter, as he"s post a 95.5 quarterback rating, but has however to make it previous the AFC Championship. 

23. Jim Hart
28 the 50

Jim Hart to be 87-88-5 as a starter during his time through the St. Louis Cardinals and also the Washington Redskins, yet during his 19-year career, he never won the big game.

Hart threw because that 34,665 yards when retiring v a 66.6 quarterback rating. 

22. Dave Krieg
29 that 50

Dave Krieg played 19 seasons and was the quarterback the the Tennessee Oilers.

Krieg never won a super Bowl, together he post a 98-77 record however never had any type of success in the posteason.

21. Well-off Gannon
30 the 50

Rich Gannon to be 76-56 together a starter and also led the Oakland Raiders come the super Bowl ago in 2002 however lost.

Gannon has never winner a at sight Bowl regardless of throwing because that 180 touchdowns and retiring v an 84.7 quarterback rating. 

20. Bert Jones
31 that 50

Bert Jones winner 47 games however lost 49 games and also never won a at sight Bowl throughout his time through the Baltimore Colts and also the Los Angeles Rams. 

Jones threw because that 18,190 yards if retiring with a 78.2 quarterback rating after ~ winning the NFL MVP compensation once. 

19. Archie Manning
32 the 50

Archie Manning to be a great quarterback, yet he was an pure loser. 

Manning retired with a pitiful 35-101-3 record as a starter when posting a 67.1 quarterback rating and being named to two Pro Bowls.

Manning obviously never won a at sight Bowl. 

18. Craig Morton
33 of 50

Craig Morton retired v an 81-62-1 record but failed to victory a Super bowl ring. 

Morton threw for 27,908 yards while accumulating 27,903 yards and also tossing 183 touchdowns throughout his time spent with the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos and the brand-new York Giants. 

17. Man Brodie
34 the 50

John Brodie may have played because that the san Francisco 49ers, yet he never ever won a supervisor Bowl.

Brodie"s No. 12 to be retired, as he threw for 31,548 yards when scoring 214 touchdowns and also winning the NFL"s MVP once. 

16. Steve McNair
35 of 50

Steve McNair, much better known together Steve "Air" McNair," had himself an unbelievable career. 

McNair played in one Super bowl .but fail to victory a ring. But, he to be a winner, together he post a 91-62 document as a starter. McNair retired with a chuck 31,304 yards while to run for 3,590 yards. 

15. Boomer Esiason
36 of 50

Boomer Esiason had some success with the Cincinnati Bengals, yet he never was yes, really a winner, as he retired with an 80-93 record as a starter.

Esiason threw 147 touchdowns when being named the NFL MVP once and playing in 4 Pro Bowls. 

14. Bobby Layne
37 the 50

Bobby Layne play an tremendous 14 seasons ago in the 1950s because that the Detroit Lions and also the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Layne retired without winning a Super bowl while tossing 196 touchdowns and also playing in five Pro Bowls. 

13. Jim Kelly
38 of 50

Jim Kelly is the best quarterback to ever wear a Buffalo receipt uniform, but he never ever won a super Bowl.

Kelly retired through 237 touchdown overcome to go in addition to an 84.4 quarterback rating, and also leading his bills to four straight supervisor Bowls. 

12. Roman inn Gabriel
39 that 50

Roman Gabriel won 86 gamings as a starter, yet none of those wins came in the super Bowl.

Gabriel was an efficient passer, as he retired with 29,444 passing yards and 201 touchdowns. 

11. Donovan McNabb
40 that 50

Donovan McNabb managed to command his Philadelphia Eagles to one at sight Bowl, however unfortunately, they lost against the new England Patriots. 

McNabb has played in 13 NFL seasons while posting a 98-62-1 record, together he"s thrown because that 34,844 yards and running because that 3.459 yards. 

10. Randall Cunningham
41 that 50

Randall Cunningham was a winner. The retired through a 82-52-1 record, but he never really won too much in the playoffs, as he never won a at sight Bowl.

Cunningham played because that the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys and also had lots of success together a dual-threat quarterback, however none of that mattered, as it didn"t victory him a ring. 

9. Y.A. Tittle
42 the 50

Y.A. Tittle is an old-school quarterback and is among the greatest to ever play the game. However, no matter how great he was, that is ring-less.

As he never won a supervisor Bowl, Tittle did walk to 7 Pro Bowls when being named the NFL MVP 4 times. 

8. Ken Anderson
43 of 50

Ken Anderson was never able to success a supervisor Bowl regardless of having a very, really successful career with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Anderson threw because that 32,838 yards while leading the Bengals to 91 wins, however never had any kind of real playoff success. 

7. Sonny Jurgensen
44 of 50

Sonny Jurgensen absolutely piled up the stats, together he threw for 32,224 pass yards if tossing 255 touchdowns and retiring in 1974 with an impressive 82.6 quarterback. 

Jurgensen had actually his same share that success, yet he never won the large game. 

6. Warren Moon
45 that 50

Warren Moon played for the Houston Oilers, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings and also the Kansas City Chiefs and also retired as one of the most dynamic quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Despite being so athletic, he never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. 

5. Sid Luckman
46 that 50

Sid Luckman played every the method back in the 1940s and really to be an effective passer for that time period, as he collected 14,686 pass yards and throwing 137 touchdowns.

Luckman had success, however he never won a Super bowl ring. 

4. Slingin' Sammy Baugh
47 of 50

Slingin" Sammy Baugh is one oldie, however he was among the very very first effective passers in the game of football.

Baugh threw for 21,886 yards transparent his 16-year career, yet he was never able to success a super Bowl. However, Baugh to be inducted into the room of call in 1963. 

3. Dan Fouts
48 of 50

Dan Fouts had an absolute rocket of one arm, however he was never ever able to lead his san Diego Chargers come a Super bowl title.

Fouts built up an significant 43,040 passing yards when retiring v an 80.2 quarterback rating. 

2. Fran Tarkenton
49 that 50

Fran Tarkenton to be a winner during his incredible 18 seasons in the league, as he posted a 124-109-6 record, but he never ever was able to win a at sight Bowl.

Tarkenton threw because that 47,003 happen yards while tossing 343 touchdowns and running in 32 touchdowns.

1. Dan Marino
50 the 50

Dan Marino post a 147-93 document as a starting quarterback in 17 seasons with the Miami Dolphins, yet never won a supervisor Bowl.

Marino definitely piled on the stats, together he compiled 61,361 complete passing yards when tossing 420 touchdowns and finishing v an exceptional 86.4 quarterback rating.

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No matter just how well Marino played, he simply might never victory the big game. 

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