From Cameron Diaz to other Scientologist Elisabeth Moss, Tom Cruise has actually been linked to quite a couple of A-list actresses end the years. That being said, between all the rumored romances and an alleged flings, Cruise has had several long-term relationships — three of which brought about marriage. In 1987, Cruise bound the knot for the an initial time with actress Mimi Rogers. Through 1990, the 2 had determined to go their different ways. Ever the charmer, Cruise wasn"t a single man because that long. The actor and also Nicole Kidman stated their "I dos" top top Christmas night the exact same year Cruise and also Rogers split. Alas, that marriage wasn"t destined to critical either with Kidman and Cruise calling that quits in 2001. And of course, how can we forget Cruise"s ill-fated marriage to Katie Holmes?

In the years between his separation from Kidman and his marriage to Holmes, Cruise dated another Hollywood A-lister who very well could have finished up through a ring top top that finger: Penelope Cruz. The 2 dated for 3 years from 2001 till 2004. If Cruise didn"t hop increase on any couches to profess his love because that Cruz, your time together was still pretty eventful. Here"s the truth about Penelope Cruz"s relationship with Tom Cruise.

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Like so numerous Hollywood couples before them, Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise met ~ above set. However, when the two began working with each other on 2001"s Vanilla Sky, Cruise to be a married man. Here"s where things get dicey. According to Entertainment Weekly, Cruise filed because that divorce indigenous Nicole Kidman in February 2001. By august 2001, the divorce to be finalized. Ironically, Cruz and also Cruise made their public debut as a couple the same month in ~ the premiere of Cruz"s movie Captain Corelli"s Mandolin. complying with the premiere, the actress gushed come Good Morning America (via alphabet News) about what it expected to have Cruise attend the premiere with her. "He came and also shared it v me," Cruz said. "It was unique for me that he wanted to share it with me the way."

Despite the timeline that could suggest that the co-stars hooked up while filming Vanilla Sky (which would have actually meant that Cruise cheated on Kidman), over the years, Cruz has actually maintained the the two didn"t obtain together on set. "I"ve never fallen in love through someone I"m functioning with," she called The Telegraph in 2008. "It"s constantly been afterwards. If something i do not care friendship, then maybe months later it i do not care something else, yet you can never know. It"s constantly a mystery. Friend can"t setup those things." us guess we"ll just need to take she word for it.

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After three years together, Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise break-up in January 2004. "The relationship simply ran its course and also they decided not to be girlfriend and also boyfriend anymore, a resource told People in ~ the time. "Through many of the connection they to be both shooting movies in separate parts of the world." while the insider pointed toward distance as a variable that contributed to Cruz and Cruise"s break-up, another factor could have been their spiritual opinions.

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A source told Radar Online the Cruise had been "head end heels in love" through Cruz and also had plan on proposing, however Cruz wasn"t interested in tying the node for one significant reason. "Penelope traction the plug on the relationship since she felt that the Church that Scientology to be the 3rd wheel in their relationship. Penelope doesn"t have actually anything against the Church, but it simply wasn"t her thing. She admired Tom"s dedication to it, yet it wasn"t she cup the tea and also wasn"t other she want to give her life increase for." 

That being said, at the time of your split, Cruz"s spokesman, Robert Garlock, stated that Cruise"s involvement v the Church of Scientology didn"t pat a component in the breakup, also noting that his client had "taken (church) courses and also she"s discovered them beneficial" (via People). 

While Cruise has actually been in and also out of numerous relationships because parting means with Cruz, the actress resolved down in 2010, tying the knot with actor javier Bardem.