President Joe Biden, surrounding by members the the Bucs, speaks throughout a awareness on the south Lawn the the White House, Tuesday in Washington, whereby the president honored the Super key 55 champions. Head coach Bruce Arians, center, and quarterback Tom Brady, right, watch on. < ANDREW HARNIK | AP >
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Bucs quarterback Tom Brady rotate to president Joe Biden Tuesday external the White House and poked fun at himself about being the NFL’s elder statesman.

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“Personally because that me, that nice come be back here,” the 43-year-old Brady said. “We had actually a video game in Chicago wherein I forgot what down it was. I lost track of one under in 21 year of playing, and also they started calling me ‘Sleepy Tom.’ Why would certainly they perform that to me?”

Despite winning six Lombardi Trophies v the Patriots, Brady hadn’t been ago to the White House due to the fact that 2005 till he joined his Bucs teammates on the south Lawn Tuesday, wherein they were honored through Biden because that winning Super key 55.

Biden praised the Bucs because that sticking together throughout a daunting 7-5 start and also coming together to win eight games in a row, ending up being the very first team to success a Super bowl in its house stadium.

But the occasion featured rather an exchange between Biden, at 78 the oldest president to hold office, and also Brady, the earliest quarterback to win a super Bowl.

“It no look good at one point,’" Brady said. “We were 7-5 and also struggling a tiny bit together the chairman alluded to. But we found our rhythm. We gained on a roll. A many of people didn’t think we could’ve won. In fact, ns think about 40 percent of the world still don’t think us won.”

“I know that,” Biden replied.

Live: president Biden welcomes the Tampa bay Buccaneers come the White home in respect of their Super bowl LV Championship. Https://

— The White house (
WhiteHouse) July 20, 2021

Biden spoke around his own football career at Delaware and called up receiver kris Godwin, who hails indigenous his residence state that Pennsylvania.

Godwin said throughout earlier conversations he had actually an instant link with Biden. Godwin stated Biden referred to as him to great him luck prior to Super key 55.

“It’s was awesome,” Godwin said. “It was an honor for me to have actually that Delaware connection.”

Biden also acknowledged the Lightning, who have actually won the past two Stanley Cup championships, if no by name, absolutely by deed.

“We need to say that the fans down there in west Florida are having a pretty great year this year, ns tell you,” Biden said. “You know, the Stanley Cup, and also in enhancement to the supervisor Bowl. But, you know, we’re make a pretty solid case to begin calling Tampa the ‘City that Champions.’”

Although the visit was greatly ceremonial and celebratory in nature, politics are roughly every corner of the White House.

Biden lauded the Bucs for donating almost 200,000 meals throughout the pandemic, top a drive for voter registration and utilizing Raymond James Stadium together a facility for COVID-19 vaccinations.

As their Bucs team members toured the State Dining Floor, tackle Donovan Smith and punter Bradley Pinion, who space members that the team’s society Justice Committee, met with Vice chairman Kamala Harris around voting rights.


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Tom Brady, in addition to Bruce Arians and also several Tampa only Buccaneers players, checked out the White residence at chairman Joe Biden's invite Tuesday.
“It’s great, i think it feels like it provides us some validity or load of some of the stuff we were doing around Tampa, particularly voting and getting people to vote,” security Ali Marpet said. “That’s what coach Arians is all about, right? that’s what as an organization we yes, really tried to be leaders in. So the was a huge point of emphasis for her, and also it was great to have that design template be united.”

Arians acquired emotional once he speak at the event, also though he had actually been to the White House prior to as an assistant coach v the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He encouraged the U.S. Congress to come with each other the way the Bucs did critical season.

“We live by 3 words,” Arians said. “Trust, loyalty and also respect. We don’t have any rules. You have actually those, you’ll have accountability and you’ll have the ability to do anything girlfriend want. One team, one cause.”

Then that turned to Biden. “I expect the Senate and the house start helping you,” Arians said.

Later, Arians reiterated his remarks. “Come together and also get something done,” that said. “Quit fighting. That not two countries, it’s one country.”

The Glazer family, consisting of Bryan, Joel, Avram, Ed and also Darcie Glazer Kassewitz, presented Biden, the 46th chairman of the united States, through a No. 46 jersey.

Brady nodded to tight end Cameron Brate, to whom he threw the Lombardi Trophy throughout the Hillsborough River throughout the Bucs’ celebratory boat parade.

“We’re not going to litter the trophy today, right Cam?” Brady said.

Biden turned come the assembled Bucs players behind him and also told lock to acquire vaccinated.

“Amen,” Arians said.

Earlier, smith posted a video clip of a conversation he had with Brady when walking exterior the White house on Instagram.

“You gained residency here?” smith asked the seven-time Super bowl champion.

The Bucs had 41 players to visit the event. Notably lacking were some vital stars such as vast receiver Mike Evans, tight finish Rob Gronkowski and linebacker Lavonte David.

It was the an initial visit through a Super bowl champion to the White home in 4 years. The critical team to accept an invite was the Patriots in 2017. Brady did no make the trip.

It also significant the an initial time a team from Tampa bay has celebrated a championship with such an invitation.

After the Bucs won Super key 37, the battle in Iraq prevent a visit to the White House. As soon as the Lightning winner its first Stanley Cup in 2003-04, there was a lockout that NHL players. Last summer, the Lightning to be denied again as result of COVID-19.

The White residence visit kicked off a week of reflection because that the Super bowl champions. On Thursday, the team will get its championship rings throughout a private ceremony in Tampa.

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Quarterbacks have orientation top top Friday, and also the complete squad reports Saturday.

“I can not wait because that Thursday night to be over and also get ours rings and also get onto next year,” Arians said. “We display up come camp Saturday, and also it’s a whole new team. This team is placed to bed and a new one gets to wake up and also start working.”