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“Love & hip Hop: Hollywood” star Teairra Mari is a want woman ~ a referee ordered a bench warrant ~ the truth star bailed ~ above a hearing in her battle with 50 Cent.

According come court documents obtained by The Blast, a hearing was held today where Mari had been bespeak to appear but instead, she was a no-show. The Los Angeles judge climate issued a bench warrant in the lot of $5,000.

The warrant will have actually Mari arrested if she comes into call with law enforcement.

50 Cent obtained the hearing set by the court to study Mari’s finances as he is taking procedures to collect on the $30,000 she owes him in attorney fees.

As The Blast first reported, 50 Cent was awarded $30,000 indigenous Mari ~ a referee ordered the fact star to pay the rapper after he dominated in she revenge erotic lawsuit.

The referee dismissed every claims against the rapper and awarded him attorney fees come be paid by Mari.

50 Cent tried to argue for Mari to salary his entire $161,660.15 legitimate bill however the referee didn’t grant him the full amount. Instead, she to be ordered to pay a full of $30,618 to 50 Cent.

Last year, Teairra Mari sued 50 Cent and also her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, accusing them of engaging in a setup to sexually objectify, threaten, intimidate, humiliate and degrade her.

She claimed Abdul-Ahad logged into her Instagram account and posted a sexually graphic video that featured “ejaculate” on her face.

Mari claimed Abdul-Ahad to be upset due to the fact that she cases he to be trying to construct a polyamorous relationship, and also a reality show highlighting that polyamorous lifestyle, yet she wanted no part.

Mari said after she removed the video clip and picture that Abdul-Ahad had actually posted, 50 Cent post the product on his very own page. She said 50 even applied a “black and also white” filter to highlight the color contrast of semen top top Mari’s face. He captioned the picture “get the strap,” which the truth star cases was a possible reference come encourage his pan to harm her.

50 denied every the allegations and also said by the time he reposted the image, the was currently all over the internet. The demanded she lawsuit be thrown out of court, suggesting the photograph didn’t even present genitals or a sex-related act in progress.

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