In February 2021, reporter and journalist Colton Duncan appeared to have actually started a brand-new rumor around the cancelation that Chase, among the key characters showing up on the children's show, PAW Patrol, with among his tweets.

Colton shared a photo depicting Chase, Mr. Potato Head, Uncle Ben, and also others top top Feb. 25, 2021 — which might have given way to the brand-new fan theory holding that follow is about to disappear from the tiny screen. So, what occurred to Chase? Did he really gain canceled? 

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Colton's latest tweet likely intends to caricature leftist calls to cancel politically incorrect characters, brand mascots, cultural figures, and the like. The photo he common shows follow in a company of already-removed icons. The latest to sign up with the team is Mr. Potato Head.  


Colton's short article seems to suggest that Chase, the police uniform-clad personality of PAW Patrol, had currently fallen victim come the ire that leftist commentators. However, as several others argue, chase has ongoing to pat a function on PAW Patrol after the summer of 2020.

Police procedural dramas came under scrutiny in irradiate of the developments made through the black color Lives matter movement, and also calls may have actually been issued because that Chase's removal native PAW Patrol as well. 

"S--- ... If only Chase native PAW Patrol was canceled ... The resides of parents with kids ages 2 to six would dramatically improve ... However alas us aren't that lucky...," tweeted


"There was short talk of follow (cop dog) native PAW Patrol (the show) being changed into a public safety patrol hero, but there have actually been multiple series themes since and he's quiet a cop in every single one — including the upcoming movie. Yes, I'm a PAW Patrol fan. ACAB!" tweeted


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