Some world saw the controversy roughly the Super key LIII halftime display as the politics around getting performers so late in planning. Some civilization saw it as the drama the Rihanna turning it under in protest come a rocky NFL season complete of politics.

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But many human being saw the controversy approximately one song. A tune so closely linked to nostalgia that world demanded it to be play to the human being in tribute to the creator who made that nostalgia possible. A song that pop culture nearly forgot, yet which felt like the ultimate conserving grace for the biggest game of the year… if it were played throughout the halftime show.

Instead of offering the 1.2 million world who signed a petition what lock wanted, the crossover of a lifetime was relegated to Squidward and the trumpeters giving means to “Sicko Mode”.

But quite than deal with the solution by the fans, let’s take a step earlier and look at why this unassuming track didn’t make the cut.


I never liked Maroon 5. My factors are needlessly arbitrary and personal, so they’re irregularity to this story except for the fact that I very first learned about what happened secondhand after ~ the show.

I execute love “Sweet Victory” though. That a classic of SpongeBob SquarePants, and also a rare example of a share music monitor being supported to pop society staple, next to maybe the standard Monday Night Football layout “Heavy Action”.

Both of these songs are under the umbrella of associated Production Music (APM), a compacted mass of share music libraries and composers gathered over the past few decades of videotaped music. David valley Eisley contributed a few tracks together with KISS musician Bob Kulick and also Eric “The Catman” Singer, including the one at some point chosen because that “Band Geeks”.

Avid SpongeBob fans have actually kept up v the huge canonical perform of monitor both license is granted from APM and composed in-house largely by Nicholas Carr and Steve Belfer. The display itself has actually a great mix that both resources that leaned toward original tracks over time, however there’s a special connection made v the people you’re maybe to discover used in other places and point them out.

The trouble comes when you then shot to play the in public.

Stock Music Limitations

Library providers favor APM have two main sources that profit: writing for hire and licensing pre-composed share music. If you want the an initial reason “Sweet Victory” wasn’t play on stage, you require to understand what that means for licensing.

What ABC needed to use the track for Monday Night Football to be a synchronization license, which covers the usage of manufacturing music for live or pre-recorded reflects as lengthy as the network sends in cue sheets noting when any type of track was played. Indigenous there, APM pulled out their composers for hire come remix their very own track a couple times exclusively for the show’s move to ESPN. Everyone else is stuck with the initial archived version.

“Sweet Victory” is not also dissimilar, having actually been tape-recorded in 1996 and released by APM in 1998, alongside the breakthrough of SpongeBob yet not in any means aware of every other. The monitor was uncovered by chance and also made the centerpiece of one of many classic Season 2 episodes. The sync patent is again handled by a cue sheet sent in at any time the episode — also just a clip — is aired or put on video.

That very same cue sheet to be ostensibly referenced once a clip that “Band Geeks” play at the stadium during rehearsals, but that’s wherein legal hurdles come right into it because that halftime.

See, to have actually Maroon 5 or also the original civilization on hand to do a song, the organizers require another type of license — the public performance license. Normally, that calls for the following:

License and also royalties to the song’s composers and publishers, via a performance rights organization(Bruton subway Park, a unit that APM, is the publisher of document via BMI, however notably Nick Music license is granted the song for The Yellow Album straight from Eisley and also Kulick’s particular labels Ol boot Hill Music and Koolicks Music)Special patent filed because that both the 70k-seat meet (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) and also the 100m-viewer network (CBS)(It’s presumed the venue and also network salary royalties on instead of of the NFL, yet stadiums play a most music over the PA device under a vast license anyway)

That’s simply to gain the song cleared to perform at the halftime show. Arrangements with Maroon 5 and their guests Travis Scott and large Boi room made well in advancement through typical management/booking channels, and the patent are cleared up once they decide on a setlist, therefore they need to both agree come play the song and actually rehearse.

Even through the highly-publicized late begin in finding their guest rappers in the very first place — which clearly limited their ability to choreograph noþeles close to the top performance that Bruno Mars — setlists are often collection in stone rapidly come make method for the remainder of the coordination.

The Caveat

If you actually watch what to be broadcasted, over there is one APM track the still plays. The brass band space playing the intro come a track referred to as “Send lock Victorious” — created by Graham De Wilde for KPM in 1982 — as they have actually in the original episode.

However, that track isn’t as tightly-wound v all the licensing baggage together we developed “Sweet Victory” would be with live performers. Since the clip itself is separate from the artists, as well as being provided as the overdubbed intro come “Sicko Mode”, the cue sheet program is technically all they need to incorporate it into the show.

Small comfort because that those who assumed the organizers would fully snub the tribute? Maybe, but it exist in a different category and also the shift was done largely for the advantage of the TV audience.

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But finally, yes sir one aspect of the halftime show that can not be ignored, and it’s a information that is installed in the inner society of the at sight Bowl.