The house passed a $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulation package top top Thursday evening, adding additional pressure on Republicans and also the White home to do a deal on new pandemic legislation prior to Congress is intended to take it a recess till mid-November amid election season.

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The Democratic-controlled residence voted 214 to 207— largely along party lines — to happen the bill, which is a scaled-down version of the $3.4 sunshine HEROES Act that was pass in May but was never taken up by the Senate. The Republican-controlled Senate most likely won’t vote on the latest variation unless an agreement is reached in between Democrats and also the White House.


US president Donald Trump, through US Secretary the the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, speaks to the push in the Brady Briefing Room the the White house in Washington, DC, on July 2, 2020. (Photo through JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Pelosi and Mnuchin room expected to proceed negotiating also after the passage of the HEROES act which Democrats see as a way to define their update offer.

“Frankly, if we’d reached a bipartisan commitment yesterday, we wouldn"t have actually this bill on the floor,” House majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said on the home floor ahead of the vote. “Notwithstanding the passage of this bill, house Democrats will proceed to negotiate to reach the sort of bipartisan commitment that we believe is vital to help Americans.”

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