The house on Monday passed law that would increase the quantity of direct payments in the newly signed coronavirus relief package indigenous $600 come $2,000.

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The invoice passed in a 275-134 vote, with support from 44 Republicans. It required a two-thirds majority under the actions that were used for consideration.

The measure encounters an uphill fight in the GOP-controlled Senate. Sen. Roy Blunt

Roy Dean BluntHartzler pulls in 6,000 for Missouri Senate bid through .65M top top hand McConnell gets GOP wake-up speak to The Hill"s Morning Report - gift by on facebook - after ~ high drama, Senate lifts blame limit more (R-Mo.), a member the Senate Republican leadership, claimed last week that he didn’t think a bill to increase the stimulus checks to $2,000 can pass in the upper chamber.


But bringing up the measure up on Monday enabled Democrats to pressure Republicans to take a tape-recorded vote on an concern that is well-known with autonomous lawmakers and the public and supported by chairman Trump

Donald TrumpTrump go after Cassidy after saying he wouldn"t support him because that president in 2024 Jan. 6 panel lays the end criminal contempt case against Bannon Hillicon sink — gift by Xerox — agencies sound alarm end ransomware targeting agriculture groups MORE.

The vote came after Trump last week criticized the relief package end the dimension of the straight payments, developing uncertainty about the fate that the legislation. Once he ultimately signed the relief parcel on Sunday, Trump said in a statement the he “told conference that ns want much less wasteful security and much more money going come the American world in the type of $2,000 checks every adult and also $600 every child.”

Trump carried up Monday’s formerly planned residence vote in his statement end the weekend and said the Senate would “start the process” because that a vote that would boost the size of the straight payments to $2,000. However, a statement from Senate bulk Leader Mitch McConnell

Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellOn The Money — democrats tee up Senate spending battles through GOP The Memo: Powell finished up on losing side of GOP hit Treasury to usage extraordinary measures in spite of debt ceiling hike an ext (R-Ky.) approve Sunday make no cite of a Senate vote.

Senate democratic Leader Charles Schumer

Chuck SchumerBiden"s can be fried Court commission end not through a bang yet a whimper hispanic organizations speak to for Latino climate righteousness in reconciliation Senate come vote next week on liberty to poll Act an ext (N.Y.) claimed Monday he would try to pass the residence measure top top Tuesday. His attempt is most likely to it is in thwarted through Republicans, regardless of support from part GOP senators.

Monday"s invoice in the House, known as the CASH Act, would rise the dimension of payments for both default adults and also children native $600 to $2,000. Individuals with income of approximately $75,000 and also married couples with revenue up to $150,000 would certainly be eligible for the complete amount. The amounts would decrease above those revenue thresholds.

The bill would also allow adult dependents, such as college students, disabled adults and also elderly relatives, to be eligible because that both $2,000 payments and also the $500 payments authorized through the care Act in March.

The share Committee on Taxation approximated that the bill would certainly cost around $464 billion. That’s on optimal of the $164 billion estimated cost of the $600 payments.

Democrats emphasized Trump’s support for $2,000 straight payments during the home floor controversy on the invoice Monday.

“The chairman of the united States has put this forth together something the he desires to see, in component of his signing the law yesterday,” speaker Nancy Pelosi

Nancy PelosiBiden come take component in CNN town hall in Baltimore Manchin on finishing agenda by Halloween: "I don"t know exactly how that would certainly happen" The Hill"s Morning Report - presented by Uber - construct Back far better items ~ above chopping block an ext (D-Calif.) said. “I hope the that view will be mutual by the republicans in the Senate.”

Republicans usually opposed the bill, to express concerns around its impact on the deficit and also arguing that the checks would not be fine targeted.

“I recognize that today"s CASH Act will pass v bipartisan support, Republicans and Democrats alike, and also I respect the decision of every member of Congress,” Rep. Kevin Brady

Kevin Patrick BradyDemocratic retirements could make a challenging midterm year also worse Yellen confident of minimum global corporate taxes passage in conference 136 countries agree to transaction on an international minimum tax an ext (Texas), the peak Republican ~ above the home Committee ~ above Ways and also Means, claimed on the floor front of the vote.

“But because that me, I concern that this whopping $463 billion won"t do what"s needed, stimulate the economy, or obtain the jobless earlier to work.”

During the negotiations over the relief package, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Steven MnuchinThe Hill"s Morning Report - presented by Alibaba - Biden jumps right into frenzied Dem safety talks former Treasury secretaries tried to deal with debt border impasse in talks through McConnell, Yellen: report Menendez, Rubio questioning Yellen come probe meatpacker JBS more advocated because that $600 checks as Republicans sought to save the in its entirety price tags of the relief parcel under $1 trillion.

Monday"s vote did not fall completely along party lines.

Rep. Tom Reed

Tom ReedDemocratic retirements can make a tough midterm year also worse The Hill"s Morning Report - gift by Alibaba - Democrats controversy price before policy between scramble fifth House Republican comes out in assistance of bipartisan framework bill an ext (R-N.Y.), a co-chair the the bipartisan trouble Solvers Caucus, claimed on Sunday the he was sustaining the bill due to the fact that “it is only fair that we act decisively currently to deliver the considerable relief people desperately need.”

Rep. Cut Schrader

Walter (Kurt) kurt SchraderDemocrats weigh transforms to drug pricing measure up to win over moderates internal battles heat up over Biden agenda center Democrat says he can"t back House spending plan "in its current form" more (D-Ore.), a member the the Blue Dog Coalition of centrist Democrats, called the invoice “an ineffective and also poorly targeted strategy to aiding americans in distress.”

Monday’s poll was the second time in recent days that house Democrats had attempted to bring up legislation to boost the dimension of the direct payments. ~ above Thursday, castle tried to perform so by unanimous consent, however that effort was blocked by Republicans.

Despite GOP objections come the greater payments during Thursday"s attempt to happen the rise via unanimous consent, management in both parties had said ahead of Monday’s vote the they meant the invoice to accomplish the two-thirds threshold adhering to the president’s comments.

Republicans informally whipped the measure up ahead that the vote, one GOP lawmaker called The Hill.

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While the measure was expected to pass, democrats were all set to immediately send the invoice to the home Rules Committee to enable them to happen it with a simple majority, House bulk Leader Steny Hoyer

Steny Hamilton HoyerTechnology "antitrust" legislation could slow product innovation, pains the digital economic climate Hoyer signals house vote on bill to "remove" debt limit hazard Feehery: Build earlier bipartisan much more (D-Md.) told members of his caucus during a conference call Monday.