All of girlfriend still stewing end what taken place to Steve from Shameless, take it heart. There’s constantly a opportunity the character — also known together Jimmy and also sometimes Jack — will pop increase again in the show’s 11th and final season, i beg your pardon premieres ~ above Sunday, Dec. 6.

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As gibbs Justin Chatwin told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015, there’s no informing if or once his character will certainly return. “When I very first got ~ above the show, man Wells said the display is prefer a tree in a garden, and also it grows; girlfriend never know in what direction it’s going come go, or what it’s going to produce, or what it’s going come look like... So world will leave and also people will certainly return and people will certainly change.”


At the end of the Showtime comedy’s third season, Steve-slash-Jimmy is forced onto a watercraft belonging to his Brazilian wife’s drug lord father. He was claimed to it is in gunned to death in the episode, but his life was spared through a production issue: The filming allow for the dock expired prior to the Shameless crew can film Jimmy’s demise.

“But actually currently it’s kind of cool because we don’t have to have him die that way,” man told reporters in ~ the time, per TV Guide. “We’ve to be talking around having the recaps every week have a different way that he died.”

John added, “We were trying come think up methods to make specific that he was no longer with us. We wanted to execute a little tag where we were at a polo match and also the Brazilians would certainly go obtain their mallets and drop under his head.”

Two periods later, Jimmy return to Chicago, and Fiona sleeps through him, cheating on then-husband Gus (Steve Kazee). Jimmy tells she he canceled an overseas job to be through her — once really, he was canned indigenous the gig — but Fiona breaks up v him for good.

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“It’s interesting because when ns was pitched the show, claimed that this is a yes, really f--ked up variation of true love,” Justin called THR. “These two space meant for each other; they room the heart of the story; it’s Romeo and Juliet. So, I’ve constantly rooted for the 2 of them since they were both yes, really damaged people hearts inside wall up since they were both broken.”


“I’m yes, really looking forward to seeing exactly how the fans react to it and if that’s what they want or if that does feel final,” Justin said at the time, showing on Jimmy’s Season 5 exit. “I psychic in the read-through for the last episode, Nancy Pimental’s episode, that says, ‘Jimmy cd driver off. And that is the end. That we ever before see of him because that ever and ever.’ and also the whole cast and also execs all began bursting the end laughing due to the fact that they’d created that at the end of my leave every time now, and it never seems to work.”

The 11th and final season the Shameless premieres top top Sunday, Dec. 6., at 9 p.m. ET.

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