One of the best mysteries the aviation background happened on march 8, 2014. Four years back Malaysia airlines MH370 went missing on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The plane left that is programmed flight path and headed southern towards the Indian Ocean. During the last 5 years, several search teams have actually tried come locate the absent plane, yet up to now, that hasn"t to be found.

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The Malaysian Boeing 777 through 239 passenger on plank disappeared native ground station radar screens but flew ~ above for one more six hours. Nobody knows what happened throughout this time. The last known location of MH370 was somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean close to Australia. A few parts the the airplane were washed up on Africa"s eastern coast and on archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Australia, China and also Malaysia have taken part in hi-tech search operations that covered a total area that 120,000 square kilometres and also cost $200 million. Now, another search is gift conducted by an American firm.

Investigators speculate on what may have happened on board MH370. Some specialists state that there may have been some type of mechanical failure while others consider a sudden loss that oxygen in the cabin and cockpit. Officials perform not dominance out the possibility the the pilot crashing the plane deliberately in unknown waters.

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Aviation inspectors say the it is important to find out what occurred to MH 370 in order come prevent together an accident from happening again.


Search operation for MH370 - Image: us Navy

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aviation = the scientific research of paris an airplane conduct = lug out consider = think about cover = large = reach from one place to an additional deliberately = on purpose; if you really want to perform something disappear = here: to it is in lost; not seen firm = agency flight path = the course an airplane takes ground station = here: structure that watches and has call with airplane head = to walk in a particular direction inspector = human being who check to see if something is done the method it have to be investigator = human who has the job of finding out what brought about the accident hi-tech = through the best and most modern technology locate = to uncover out wherein something is loss = to shed something mechanical failure = an item or a machine on plank the plane did not occupational the way it should have official = human in a high position in an organization oxygen = element that is in the air and also which we have to breathe possibility = here: something may have happened prevent = protect against from keep going again programmed = here: the course it should have actually taken, follow to flight computer systems radar = an equipment that uses radio waves to find where something is and watch its motions several = part speculate = come guess about the feasible causes or impacts of other without understanding all the facts and details sudden = something happening conveniently unknown = not well-known wash up = when something drifts from the open sea come the shore