CLEVELAND — In the wake up of the video of a deadly shooting being posted on facebook on Sunday, chances are countless Facebook news feeds contain incorrect information.

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A manhunt is underway for Steve Stephens, that is a doubt in the death of Robert Godwin, 74, in Cleveland.

Some society media posts say Stephens to be on his method to Akron, Ohio. Others said he to be spotted in Painesville or Lorain, Ohio, amongst other places throughout the region.

However, Cleveland police stated these details space false.

To advice the prestige of only adhering to accurate updates, Cleveland police approve a warning top top Twitter so late Sunday stating "misinformation in emergencies is dangerous."

Law enforcement officials said Monday they searched numerous feasible locations for Stephens, yet have not found him.

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Where is Stephens?

A recurring Facebook short article said Stephens" cellphone pinged in Erie, Pa.

Early Monday morning, police in the city the Erie — and the Pennsylvania state police — both stated this was unconfirmed information.


Stephens" current whereabouts continue to be unknown. When he could still it is in in Ohio, authorities have actually put surrounding states on alert to save watch for Stephens.

"As much as we know, appropriate now, we don"t understand where he"s at," said Cleveland Police chief Calvin Williams. "The last ar we actually had actually him to be at the homicide in ~ 93rd Street just north the St. Clair. Anything rather right now is sort of speculation. Again, we have investigations going all over this nation trying to pinpoint his yes, really location."

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The variety of victims

Although Stephens claimed to have killed more people, Cleveland police say there is only one victim confirmed. The man has been figured out as Godwin.

As of Monday morning, there were no extr victims.

The facebook video

Although authorities at first said Stephens streamed video of the murder live ~ above Facebook, the is no true. A spokesperson v Facebook confirmed that when Stephens had posted a facebook Live video clip at some suggest Sunday, the murder itself was no live.

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GoFundMe accounts

Dozens the GoFundMe pages were developed to progressive money for the victim"s family.

During Monday"s news conference, Cleveland police stated those GoFundMe accounts to be scams.

Authorities said the family members had not collection up any type of charitable chance as the yet, urging the general public not to donate any kind of money to GoFundMe until more notice.

However, GoFundMe executives said Monday that they have spoken with both the organizer behind this campaign and also members that the victim"s family.

"We’ll guarantee the money will be deposited directly into the family’s financial institution account," a representative native the company told WKYC-TV via email Monday morning.

While there might be many GoFundMe pages currently established, the company"s directing people only come this page.

"Regardless, all funds raised for the Godwin’s will certainly be transferred straight to the family," the representative continued. "It’s vital to remember the our communication is donate by the GoFundMe Guarantee, which method funds room guaranteed to go to the appropriate place."

Confirmed details

Stephens is want for aggravated killing in the shooting death of Godwin in Cleveland on Sunday.

Stephens was last viewed driving a white 2016 Ford blend with short-lived Ohio sign of E363630.

Stephens, 37, is explained as a 6-foot 1-inch African-American man, who weighs 244 pounds and also is bald v a full beard.

The offices of local behavioral company Beech Brook, whereby Stephens works, were closed Monday.

Officials v the group said Stephens has been employed v the company as a youth mentor and also a vocational specialist because 2008.

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The Ohio chapter of the nationwide Association the Social workers posted top top its website that Stephens is no a licensed social worker in the state.