From as soon as you have the right to expect the last illustration to air to the many allegations come the future the Ellen’s time slot, has rounded up the vital things you have to know about what’s walk on v The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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The final season poster because that ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ (Doug Inglish/ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc)

Is ‘The Ellen Show’ being Cancelled?

No, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has actually not been cancelled. She has finished the present herself.

“I was going to protect against after season 16,” she toldThe Hollywood Reporter. The was going to be my last season, and they want to authorize for four more years, and also I said I’d sign for perhaps for one. They to be saying there to be no means to authorize for one. ‘We can’t do that v the affiliates, and also the train station need an ext of a commitment.’ So, we top top three an ext years, and I knew that would be mine last. That’s to be the plan all along. And also everybody maintained saying, also when i signed, ‘You know, that’s walking to it is in 19, don’t you want to just go come 20? It’s a good number.’ so is 19.”

She additionally said, “I’m a an imaginative person, and also when you’re a an innovative person, friend constantly should be challenged. I simply needed something to challenge me. And as an excellent as this show is, and as funny as the is, it’s simply not a an obstacle anymore. I need something new to challenge me.”

Back in may 2019, the daytime talk show icon revealed that she had signed a brand-new deal to continue hosting her talk show through 2022. Ellen do the announcement herself amid speculation that her talk show may be coming to an end.

Doing this show has been the journey of mine life.

— Ellen DeGeneres (

TheEllenShow) December 10, 2020

The Ellen DeGeneres Show was supposed to start manufacturing again on Jan. 4, 2021. However, the show’s return to be delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Due come the COVID-19 rise in Los Angeles County, and for the continued safety of our staff and crew,The Ellen DeGeneres Show will certainly push manufacturing by a week,” a spokesperson because that Telepictures, the show’s producer, said in a statement come Deadline. Various other than Ellen, no instances had been reported among the Ellen staff.

Telepictures provided an update about the standing of the show just days before The Ellen DeGeneres Show was set to begin up. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show will resume production in-studio on Monday, January 11th with a digital audience,” a spokesperson for Telepictures told PEOPLE. “For the security of the staff and crew, the show will further reduce on-site personnel and also maintain ours industry-leading production protocols.”

‘Ellen’s Behind-The-Scenes Drama

Over the past year, Ellen has actually received serious backlash for she alleged habits on the set of she show. The controversy began when YouTube beauty, beauty guru Nikkie de Jager, a.k.a. NikkieTutorials, revealed the her visit come The Ellen DeGeneres Show had actually been less-than-stellar. Nikkie opened up around her experience during an appearance on the dutch talkshow De Wereld Draait Door in Feb. 2020.

“Let me say that there’s a large difference between this show and also Ellen DeGeneres, and also I’m saying that in favor of this show,” Nikkie told the host Matthijs valve Nieuwkerk, follow to atranslation by Sebastian Williams. “It’s nice the you say ‘hi’ prior to the show. She didn’t.”

Ellen DeGeneres during one of her holiday shows. (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

Nikkie later on told the netherlands magazine &C: “Call me naive, but I type of meant to be welcomed v confetti cannons: ‘Welcome to The Ellen DeGeneres Show!’ but instead, ns was greeted through an angry intern that was a little overworked. Ns was expecting a Disney show but gotTeletubbiesafter dark.”

In in march 2020,podcast hold Kevin T. Porter began a Twitter thread and alleged the Ellen is “notoriously one of the meanest human being alive.” that asked his followers to respond come his tweet with the “most insane story you’ve heard around Ellen being mean.” The Twitter thread was filled with hundreds of responses.

Ellen staff members were supposedly furious after no receiving any “written communication about the status of their working hours, pay, or inquiries about their mental and physical health and wellness from producers for over a month,” two anonymous resources told Variety in April 2020. The crew to be reportedly likewise upset the the show hired an outside, non-union tech firm to aid Ellen ice remotely from her California home amid the pandemic. Warner Bros. Television, which distributes the show, responded with a statement: “Our executive producers and Telepictures space committed come taking treatment of our staff and also crew and have do decisions very first and foremost v them in mind.”

A few months later, BuzzFeed News released a bombshell report after speak to one current and also 10 former employees that The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Castle alleged they to be “fired after taking clinical leave or bereavement days come attend household funerals.” an additional claimed she to be “fed up v comments about her race” and “essentially walked turn off the job.” employees were supposedly told by straight managers “not to speak” come Ellen if they observed her roughly the office.

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One former employee revealed in the BuzzFeed News report thatthey went on medical leave because that one month to examine into a mental health and wellness facility following a suicide attempt. When they went back to work, they to be told their job had actually been eliminated. “You’d think that if someone just tried to kill themselves, friend don’t want to add any an ext stress to your lives,” the employee, whose story was corroborated by 4 employees and medical records, said BuzzFeed News.