Fans that Last man Standing have likely well-known that the show is comes to an finish for a if now. Ago in October 2020, it was announced the the popular series wouldn't be gaining renewed — although Last man Standing was already canceled once before by ABC. In 2017, the network canceled the show, stating that it was also expensive to produce and that alphabet didn't actually own it (it to be actually developed by FOX).

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Some people thought the 2017 cancellation had actually something to perform with Tim Allen's (conservative) politics, but ABC responded, saying the this wasn't the case. "There are countless factors that enter the decision-making process: ratings, an important acclaim … the course us look at property structure," alphabet Entertainment chairman Channing Dungey said, adding, "I wouldn't say that was the deciding factor." 


Plus, the show was put in order by FOX anyway. So, why exactly did Last guy Standing obtain canceled a second time? As us prepare to say goodbye come the Baxters, let's look back on what led as much as this final episode.

It appears as though Last male Standing is just coming to its organic end. After ripe seasons, the network feels like it's a good time to close this chapter, and also it doesn't look like Tim Allen disagrees. "I've been one lucky dude to have been part of Last guy Standing. We had all considered to finish the present after last season, but in addition to FOX, we made decision to include a year therefore we might produce a complete season to produce the gentle and fun goodbye," Tim, who additionally produces the show, said. 

FOX Entertainment chairman Michael thorn stated, "It has been an honor to be residence for Tim Allen and Last man Standing. Millions of families have long enjoyed the present because, perhaps, they see themselves in the Baxters. The faithful affection they've shown proves just how much this series has expected to them. On instead of of anyone at FOX, a big, huge thank you to Last male Standing's excellent cast, led by Tim, Nancy , and also Hector , as well as its writers and crew, headed by showrunner Kevin Abbott. We’ll it is in rooting castle on throughout the season together they break up what has actually been an outstanding run."

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As far as ratings go, Season 8's did drop native .95 (its season premiere) to .68 (the Season 8 finale). Follow to, the ratings for Last man Standing have dipped even lower this season. The last season has actually averaged .42 in the 18 to 49 demographic. When this doesn't it seems to be ~ to it is in an open deciding factor in the decision to cancel the show, it could be one because that FOX's finance department.