Every player and coach took a knee prior to the nationwide anthem ~ above Thursday’s opening Day game between the brand-new York Yankees and also the Washington Nationals in support of the "Black resides Matter" movement.

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Each that the groups knelt alongside one another with the ideal social distance in between each player if holding a long black cloth. As soon as they knelt, a clip of gibbs Morgan Freeman speaking about social injustice played end the according to speakers. 

The players and coaches climate stood because that the anthem chin at the Washington, D.C., video game Thursday, played in an north Nationals Park because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Every player and also coach on the Yankees & Nationals take it a knee prior to the national anthem tonight in D.C.(via
MLBONFOX) July 23, 2020

Then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling throughout the anthem in 2016 together a protest against police brutality, and also has asserted in court that he to be blackballed by the NFL for his politics activism.

However, since the death of George Floyd, one unarmed Black guy who was killed by Minneapolis police in May, the gesture has increasingly been offered by protesters and those calling fist to the exact same issues.

Several that the mountain Francisco Giants and their manager Gabe Kapler, knelt Monday throughout the anthem front of an exhibition game.

"I wanted them to recognize that ns wasn"t pleased with the way our country has handled police brutality, and also I told lock I wanted to amplify their voices and I want to amplify the voice of the black color community and also marginalized communities, together well," Kapler said Monday.

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President Trump

Donald TrumpTrump tells previous aide Navarro to "protect executive privilege" in house COVID-19 probe Jan. 6 panel may see leverage from Bannon start Texas Democrat Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson announces retirement at end of hatchet MORE, among the most vocal enemies of the practice, has actually repeatedly stated he will certainly not watch any kind of games featuring kneeling.

Kapler pushed back against the president Tuesday, saying “I see nothing more American than standing up for what you believe in. I check out nothing more patriotic than tranquil protests when things room frustrating and upsetting.”

“It doesn’t matter what leader says that they’re not going come be complying with a game. What matters the many is that we’re unwavering in do the efforts to carry out what’s right … What travel guide our decision is standing increase for people who need us to stand up for them,” he added. 

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