Former president Trump
Donald TrumpSenate confirms 40 judges throughout Biden"s first year in office, the most since Reagan "Stop the Steal" organizer testified to house panel around contact with GOP reps in lead-up come Jan. 6 Why girlfriend shouldn"t mean a Biden shake-up much more on Thursday lashed the end at the wall surface Street newspaper editorial board for calling on republic to abandon him and also blamed his GOP critics for the party’s Georgia Senate losses.

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In a statement released Thursday, trumped accused the paper’s opinion section, which has a traditionally conservative bent, of supporting “globalist plans such as bad trade deals, open up borders, and endless wars.”

“They fight for RINOS that have so bad hurt the Republican Party,” trump said. “That"s where they are and that"s whereby they will constantly be. Fortunately, nobody cares much about The wall Street Journal editorial anymore. They have lost an excellent credibility."

The statement came in solution to one editorial detailing the GOP’s numerous electoral losses since Trump came right into office.

The record wrote that regardless of Trump’s claims about his dominance, he lost to chairman Biden

Joe BidenSenate confirms 40 judges during Biden"s an initial year in office, the most because Reagan SNL removes live audience, loses musical guest for Saturday as omicron diffusion Liberals disappointed ~ Biden"s first year an ext by 7 million votes and also fumbled away two traditionally red states — Arizona and also Georgia. 

During Trump’s tenure, Republicans shed the House, Senate and White House. The previous president’s approval rating never reached over 50 percent in most polls, the editorial says.

“As long as Republicans emphasis on the grievances that the trump card past, they won’t be a governing majority,” the editorial board concluded. 

The wall surface Street Journal additionally blamed Trump for the GOP’s runoff losses in 2 Georgia Senate races. 

Those races provided Democrats a majority in the Senate and came together the GOP to be torn personally by Trump’s cases that the 2020 election was steal from him with widespread fraud.

Many Republicans believe Trump"s cases suppressed the GOP vote in countryside Georgia, where some voter didn’t think your ballots would certainly count, and in the Atlanta suburbs, wherein right-leaning independents were turned turn off by the GOP infighting and claims around a conspiracy.

“He price the GOP two Georgia Senate races on Jan. 5 as he make his insurance claims of choice fraud the main problem rather 보다 checking Mr. Biden and Nancy Pelosi

Nancy PelosiPhotos that the Week: Tornado aftermath, Medal the Honor and also soaring superheroes pressure builds top top Biden front of college student loan cliff Democrats lack backup arrangement with expanded child taxes credit set to slide away MORE," the editorial board wrote. "Mr. Trump essentially told his Georgia supporters your votes didn’t matter, and many remained home. The GOP shed the Senate.” 

Trump blasted back, blaming Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

Brian KempTrump"s "Enemies List" — finish of year edition Governors grapple with vaccine mandates front of midterms The pioneer of election disinformation  more (R) and also other GOP public representative in the state for not doing sufficient to root out fraud, i beg your pardon he proceeds to blame because that his choice loss.

Trump also blamed the Senate casualty on then-Senate bulk Leader Mitch McConnell

Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellSenate wraps for the year, punting Build earlier Better, voting legal rights On The Money — gift by Citi — Schumer signals hold-up for Biden arrangement Schumer says build Back better will be delay MORE’s (R-Ky.) refusal to push through a COVID-19 relief parcel that included $2,000 individual payment to most Americans.

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"This latter point was used against our Senators and also the $2,000 will certainly be approved anyway by the Democrats that bought the Georgia election—and McConnell let them perform it!" trump card said. "Even an ext stupidly, the nationwide Republican Senatorial Committee spent millions of dollars top top ineffective TV ads certification Mitch McConnell, the many unpopular politician in the country, who only won in Kentucky due to the fact that President trump card endorsed him. That would have lost badly without this endorsement."

McConnell won reelection by virtually 20 points, his largest margin that victory because 2002.