The weather has actually been up and also down transparent the mid-state recently. However, 20 years ago, it was a lot worse.

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That was April 16, 1998, once 13 tornadoes ripped through center Tennessee, consisting of an F3 tornado that destroyed parts the downtown and also East Nashville.

20 year ago, ns was a lot of younger, a many dumber, however maybe a bit more brave. So as soon as we obtained news the there to be passing through middle Tennessee, ns stepped exterior the news terminal in really hopes that i would watch it. When the skies turned a green shade that I had actually never watched before, I decided it was time to get earlier inside.

"The Union terminal Hotel had actually been hit and it had blown the wall surfaces off the optimal of that building and also they to be laying in the middle of Broadway," stated Scott Harris v the Nashville Office that Emergency Management. "There to be an "uh-oh" moment."

Uh-Oh to be right. Harris saw the damages when the sunlight came up, and also heard from the people who walk thru it.

"We to be in the house, the tornado came ideal over us," claimed a young girl the work after the tornado. As soon as asked if she to be scared, she replied, "No I simply cried and also prayed come Jesus."

Holes blew out downtown windows, creating glass-free views. Thirty-five buildings destroyed, and hundreds of homes were damaged or damaged in east Nashville. The damage included up to an ext than $100 million.

The State Flag above the Capitol survived, yet it"s center was gone.

To now at emergency management, they keep the only great news from the "98 tornadoes was as soon as they hit.

"You take the storm in ~ a different time -- placed it in the center of the night, when civilization were sleep in their homes in Nashville -- that would have been far worse," Harris said.


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